Weekly Recap – 7/15/12 to 7/28/12

These last two weeks have been pretty slow and there really isn’t much to report. Essentially I want this entry here so I have notes on all weeks. Pretty thrilling, huh?

New things are happening in the Luxury Lane Laboratory and while it is immensely exciting, it is also incredibly taxing. During the summer, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on task with the kids continually needing to be fed and cared for. (When does school start again??) We have also had family coming and going which means any free time I have (Ha!) gets eaten by that damn deep cleaning of the house. You know, because what if someone actually looked under a bed?

So, what to look for in the coming weeks ahead? Giant versions of your most favorite Whipped Up Sugar Scrubs, TWENTY new Organic Artisan Soaps, newly reformulated hair care and gift certificate giveaways. See? I really have been mega busy…

And now…the coolest thing I have ever seen.

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