Weekly Recap – 6/17/12 to 6/23/12

A new feature here on KyleeLane.com because I want a reason to compose more lists.

The last week was a busy one indeed…

6/14/2012 to 6/18/2012 – The First Annual Denver Comic Convention

Luxury Lane Soap had donated 50 special edition Brain Jars which were distributed to special guests, including Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica Amazing? Yes.

Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica

Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica totally tweeted my soap. *Nerd Squee*

I also happened to record a hilarious video of Mr. Douglas telling us how Robin Williams got George Lucas to watch BSG. (I am so sorry for recording in vertical. >.< I was in the second row and some guys head kept forcing my camera out of focus…)

I was able to spend a sweet amount of time with friends I am only lucky enough to catch once or twice a year during convention season. Sadly, I lack any decent photos. Boo. I am already excited to go back next year. ♥

6/19/2012 Fixed the discount code glitch! Code ‘DENVER’ gets you 15% off all orders, all week. #DenverComicCon -This has actaully been extended until the end of June. WooHoo!

6/20/2012 Product Updates:

All Organic Artisan Soap is on clearance as we move our entire stock to make way for new scents, larger sizes and a variety of new formulas.

Clearing stock as we make way for a package redesign. ♥ —> Organic Lip Butter ON SALE

Vintage Twist Up Shaving Soap is back on the virtual shelves, as we have found a much more reliable and wonderful supplier for our twist up tubes.

6/22/2012 Product Debuts:

Officially the coolest soap to ever exist. Ever. • Honest Abe

Honest Abe

Emancipate your inner clean.

Brand spanking new! —> Beach Daises Organic Hemp Soap

Beach Daises

All New Beach Daises

6/23/2012 Saturday Night Cinema w/ The Lanes

The Witches

That about covers it. This week I will be focusing primarily on production. Crossing my fingers for a little extra time to desgin a few more floral soaps.

What would YOU like to see in the coming weeks ahead?


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