Wanna win $50??

EXTENDED! Due to the huge response I have had this past month, I am going to extend this contest until JUNE 1st! I am totally lame and have a large amount of soaps on back order right now and I think it would only be fair to give everyone a chance. ♥

Not a $50 gift certificate…
Not $50 in free product….

$50.00 CASH! Oooooh yeah. Really.

I will be having a contest for the rest of April (AND MAY) for the best, most creative picture featuring Luxury Lane Soap. Yup, featuring any product from LuxuryLaneSoap.com. Pretty simple, huh? You can take a picture, draw a picture, paint a picture….You get the idea.

Rules? Not really…just be sure your anatomy is covered, for the most part, as these will be displayed on my website for the world to see and love. Get your 15 minutes of fame as submitted pictures will also be tweeted about. So, you could win $50 AND be famous! How can you even pass that up??

Please email pictures to: LuxuryLaneSoap@gmail.com

Feel free to email me anytime with questions or you can always reach me on Twitter.
Contest ENDS on June 1st!

Get your camera out, get your soap action on, get a chance to be famous AND win cash! Woo! ♥

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