Tulip Festival

Last Saturday (May 16th) Rory, the kids and I all went to the Tulip festival in Orange City, IA. We had sooo much fun. I have to admit, as the kids have gotten older, doing things has just become so much more fun…and less stressful…no more strollers, no more diaper bags, no more bottles…etc etc etc… Regretfully, we didn’t go on any of the cool rides (way too expensive…and scary looking!) but we had plenty of funnel cake!! Plus there was an art show and a car show. SCORE! We also had lunch in a plush grassy field and watched this amazing Indian group play some of the most awesome music ever… Trent loooved it. He hates listening music, which all of the rest of us love, however, he could not stop dancing while the band played. Adorable? Yes! Should have taken more pictures, like always, but we still got some really great ones. Enjoy! ♥

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