This is why this election was a big deal.

Were I live, actual, for-real rural america, we have teenagers who kill themselves after coming out. Teachers do not openly protect or defend them. I live in a place were you can be raised by an abusive, addictive parent and DHS just doesn’t feel like dealing with you, even if you beg for help. Here, the church will give you free food.

Look up our last local teen suicide. Look up the one before that.

I live this every fucking day. Do you know what these kids are seeing right now?

We very clearly had TWO options in this election.

This morning, people I personally know, lost all hope of EVER getting the chance to come out during high school/ever. You know why? Because all they can see right now, the only physical thing within their reach, is that we let Donald Trump become our president.

The allies you talk about, THEY DONT FUCKING LIVE HERE.

I live in a place where if you don’t stand for the pledge, your grades will be affected and then your job will be affected.

The people who had the power to stop this, you staid complacent. Congratulations, you made today a very different and dangerous place for the rest of us.

Today, OUR president thinks it is okay if my daughter is raped and sexually assaulted. This is my country. There is nothing I can do. All I could do was vote, I did, and we lost.

I don’t give a fuck about your blue projected future maps. RIGHT NOW,  THIS SECOND, YOUR president represents you. Pussy grabbing and all. The things that mattered, the things our president stands for, the real things, like how we treat each other and love each other, we, as a mother fucking country, just voted for fucking Donal Trump.


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