#TheLaneLab Update – August

I haven’t updated in about a month because WE ARE ROCKING IT!!!

Now that the kids are back in school, I will be able to update regularly again, so I wanted to know how often do you want to see building/product updates? As Contributors, I feel it is very important for you to have the easiest access point for information but at the same time I’m afraid of overwhelming you with said information. (Daily updates on Instagram #TheLaneLab for building and #LuxuryLaneSoap for products.)

CONTRIBUTOR PERK UPDATES – Perks are moving slower than I had anticipated *surprise!*, please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Postcards ($5) SENT 7-15-14

PenPal ($10) This one is seriously taking a million times longer than I thought it would. Would you guys be cool if I turned this into a seasonal thing and sent in monthly batches?

Summer Theme SENT 8-1-14

Back to School Theme 9-1-14

Halloween Theme 10-1-14

Thanksgiving Theme 11-1-14

Snow & Stuff 12-1-14

Just send me a text (712-229-9115) or email (Kylee@LuxuryLaneSoap.com) or social media me (@KyleeLane) if there is a certain mailing group you would like to be a part of! This will be a perk that stretches until the end of the year.

Organic Shave Set ($20) SENT 7/15

Lumpin’ Love ($25) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Everything is Awesome ($30) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Limited Edition Color Set ($40) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Bonus $10 ($50) SENT 7/03

Personal Batch ($75) In Production – Batches are shipping the first half of September, based on curing progress.

Blue Box Special ($100) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Smuggler’s Haul ($100) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Color Subscription ($150) July Box – SENT / August Box scheduled to ship 8/25

Six Months of Luxury Lane Soap ($250) July Box – SENT / August Box scheduled to ship 8/25

STUDIO BUILD UPDATE – The final wall will be down this week and we’ve started the plumbing. Electrical starts next week and we are hoping (without any unforeseen issues) that flooring will be moved in early/mid September. I have been very hesitant to assign a specific finish deadline because for one, I know my husband and he won’t sacrifice quality of work for time. Secondly, we are working with 1,000 square feet in a 100 yr old structure. There have already been a few surprises which Rory has been documenting for you all. Anything in particular you would like to see, as always, just let us know!

So much love, Kylee

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