The Yellow Room

UPDATE Oct 4th, 2016 (Almost two years later…)

I am still finding photos to update this post with of all the layers we pulled off of the walls. (Seriously. It was wainscot hell. I am not even kidding.) We also repaired holes in the floor, though we still need to repair some termite damage. Rory pulled up all of the baseboards and treated everything. There was also mouse damage so i have some cool pictures of him repairing the wall. (Some fat happy family of mice ate a bunch of my boxed clothing and pulled scraps into  the wall. Yay old houses!!) Still need to build a frame around the base of the room and I am going to paint the walls teal. But for now, I have a, bug-free, mouse-free, no-holes-in-the-floor, craft room!!! *kermit flail*

Craft Room

Love, Kylee


January 2015… Turn this into a CRAFT ROOM PARADISE!!!! Annnnd GO!IMG_2422.JPG





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