The Price of Awesome

You all know I love you right? And I’m completely overwhelmed by all the love that regularly comes my way. So, I’m going to try and make this as painless as possible and do it quick . . .

Soap in Carbonite just had a price increase! Current price: $9.95 / New price: $12.95

(peeks through fingers)

Laaaame! I know. Let me explain.

First the soap – while this soap is from a mold, it also has tons of hand-finished details and a hand-applied finish (ALWAYS done by yours truly *curtsy*). And the cost of my materials unfortunately isn’t going down, so that’s part of the price increase.

Secondly, within the last 8-weeks my life has changed dramatically. In a huge way. If you have been following this blog, you know what I am talking about. If not, please feel free to poke around. I read every single comment) In short, I am literally on the path to a whole lot of awesome. I do not have to get up to an alarm clock. I do not ever have to wear denim again. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? And while that’s terrific, it also means some other changes . . .

I’ve had to actually HIRE people . . . both to help develop Luxury Lane Soap and to keep what I can of my sanity. A wise person told me (more than a few times) “Don’t waste your time doing something someone else can do better than you.” … or something like that. Well, I am really really good at making soap. Not just that, but I know and understand how to manage my business well. I can’t balance my check book, and meeting people IRL scares the crap out of me, but otherwise, I have found the thing I do best.

So with that being said, I’ve got more costs. I’ve got EMPLOYEES (still weirds me out). I pay people. I have storage facilities and bulk accounts! And honestly, there are somethings that become easier with higher volume, and this soap is NOT one of them.

So yes, Soap in Carbonite has gone up in price. I could have raised my prices all across the board, but instead I put it on the one product that is taking up soooo much of my time. (In a good way!) I have hand-detailed over 700 cussing gray soaps in the last 8 weeks. My whole business is growing, which absolutely thrills me! And I do not want to inhibit that growth, So, Mr. Soap in Carbonite, you got me into this and now you are going to earn your keep. ♥

To make up for the fact that you now need to give me more money, I am offering to make Soap in Carbonite cooler. Cooler? GASP! How is that even possible?! Well, let me tell you… I am now personally signing each and every soap, along with personally adding “frozen on dates* Yeah.

More awesome? Oh, you know it! I am hand-detailing each and every single one of these with not two, but THREE pigment depths. That means your soap has been created solely for you and is an individual piece of epic awesomeness. There will never be two pieces exactly alike. Ever. Like little Carbonite snowflakes 🙂

So in order to keep up with so much cool, I can only produce 75 each week. That. Is. It.

PLEASE NOTE: As most of you know by now, I am a HUGE sucker for people telling me how great I am, so if you really need one and I am sold out for the week, I will probably cave if you spend more than 7 seconds on an email and make your story good. I will have to make special requests during the weekend while my kids are screaming and pestering me for food, so I am going to charge you more. A rushed or special order will be charged an extra $15.00 w/ $5.00 shipping. When I work on the weekend I am giving up TNG time and I just finished the fifth season tonight and going into the sixth.

Please keep this in mind if you hunt me down and make a special request.

♥ Again. Thank you to the amazing people in my life who have helped me get to this point. From fan to friend on Twitter and to those people who put up with me never answering my phone or replying to emails. I love you. ♥

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