The Measure of Success

So there’s this girl I know and I absolutely adore her. She runs her own company where she gets to work directly with her husband, just like Rory and I. Her and I are about the same age, we mirror each other in a looooooot of things, however, we are polar opposite on basically evvvvverything. Like, everything.

Politics, religion, income, lifestyle, life choices, location, physical appearance….literally, evvvvvverything.

I have been trying to pinpoint what it is about this person that I find so alluring. She makes me laugh and totally gets my humor, and yet, we have totally never met and have verrrrrrrry little in common.

As I have pondered this for over a year now, I finally realized my answer. She is genuinely sweet and it makes ME want to be happy and sweet!

Her happiness is infectious and it made me think of something…

(Cover your ears kids…)

We can either keep bitching about how shitty everything is, OR we can get off of our asses and fucking choose to be happy. CHOOSE to look for the positive. CHOOSE to put sprinkles on everything. Choose to fucking squeal OVER CRAFT PAPER!! Choose to be happy and over use exclamation points like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choose.To.Keep.Going. Things are shitty sometimes, and NOTHING you are going through is trivial. So, stamp a smiley face on that poo and color that bitch like a rainbow and choose happiness.

And thats why I adore this random stranger on the internet. She inspires me to be sweet, she inspires me to love as much as humanly possible, and she inspires me to get my hustle on EVERY day.

Also, I am going to buy pink pants tonight because I want to, and I am not going to worry about my panty lines because I have a phat ass.

*fist bump*


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