Busy Week!

I mentioned in my business blog that it has been a crazy work week for me, so I haven’t been able to blog…Buuut the weekend is finally here so I can enjoy my coffee (while the kids run around screaming with Rory) and listen to my music in my jammies…

Last weekend, after church the kids decided to make one of their favorite characters (Well…one of MY favorite characters…) from Star Wars. Boba Fett. Yay! My kids rock. I just thought it was so cool because kids these days don’t sit and make things out of paper anymore…they need flashing cartoons and loud toys. However, there was a giant fight afterward as to who got to own this awesome creation…Guess everything can’t be perfect all the time.

Starla gets her new bike tomorrow so I will be sure to post a bunch of pictures for everyone! Also, hello and welcome to all of my family who has found me here and commented. ♥

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