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Geek Week

Geek LoveCould this be the best Geek Week ever? Possibly. With May the Fourth (aka ‘Star Wars Day’) on..well…May 4th, AND Free Comic Book Day on May 5th, it is pretty safe to call this an official week of epic. So, what is Luxury Lane Soap going to do about it?

While we finish revamping the website,  it is time for some awesome sales! (Seriously, go look at the site and tell me what you think! My sidekick (and husband) took to designing since I officially cussed out CSS and its headache-inducing ways…).

What to look for during Geek Week!


Woo! 50% off!

We have our annual ‘50% Off Sale’ in celebration of May the Fourth! This is our most talked about sale ever and because I love you, we will be running the special ALL DAY Thursday and Friday (May 3rd & 4th)! Quantities are limited and wholesale discounts will not be honored. Limited 10 per order, please and thank you.

Plus, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 5th (after you have picked up all of your free comics of course), you can pick up a Soap of Justice soap set for FREE along with FREE SHIPPING any order over $20! Simply add your choice of awesome to cart and input code ‘BATMAN’ and….magic!


Free Batman AND free shipping? Yup.

*Inserts car sales person voice here.* Additionally, all week long we have your most favorite geeky designs up to 50% off! Being an annual celebration, you won’t see these prices for another year. (Or ever, with our current rate of C&D requests…)

And don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th! Seriously. Just don’t…

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Last week in pictures…

I was laying in bed last night going through the pictures on my phone and completely forgot I could send them to my blog! So, I would like to present: Last Week (and some of this week…) In Pictures!

On Tuesday (May 5Th) my sister and I took Trent shopping and to get hair cuts…He made his first purchase:

The Indiana LEGO game! He was VERY happy and proud!:
And I really needed to get my bangs cut:

I had them thinned out and cut at less of a slant…I do not know that I like them as much:

Trent got his Mohawk done for summer! Yay! :

Sometime last week it was rainy and I took this picture of my sexy car. One day this baby will be pink…:

Saturday (May 9Th)! I love Saturday’s. Starla and I always have a jammie outing to go buy breakfast food. 😀 She thinks it’s pretty cool I let her wear whatever she wants…I never have on makeup and I’m
always in my beloved flannel:
And an awesome breakfast was had indeed! :
After a great weekend and a long Mother’s day nap on Sunday, it was back to work on Monday (May 11Th). I was so busy I asked Rory if he and Trent could please help with some house chores…This was not the kind of help I was hoping for:
And yesterday, Tuesday (May 12th) Trent and I went on our weekly shopping trip and he found this AWESOME Boba Fett shirt. Had to get one for Starla too! (Would have gotten on for me also, but they didn’t have one in my size…):

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Enjoy your children ♥

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The kids made me a bunch of awesome cards (which I will be saving forever!) and my amazing husband got me tickets to go see The Offspring later this month. Woooo! ♥ The best Mother’s Day ever. Plus I got a guilt free four hr nap. *swoon*

I have been thinking all day about this post and now that I am sitting here, I do not know what to type. I feel like I should have some in depth advice or some mountain moving instructions on parenting. I mean, we ALL have advice on parenting and on a day like Mother’s Day it seems fit to spill your guts on how and why being a Mother touched and changed your life forever.

I feel, what it comes down to is enjoying your children. I know all to well that at times, it is indeed very hard to enjoy your children….Don’t get me wrong, I have very well behaved, intelligent kids and I take great pride when other Mothers glare at how “easy” my children look. I love those moments when a nearby mother, fighting with her child, glances over to see mine quiet and content with nothing more than holding my shopping list. This all came from a lot of tough love…and it was not easy. I’ve had to to give up a fair share of “me” time in the process.

I am going to go on a tangent here for a second. It’s Mother’s Day and it my blog so it can be as long and as off center as I’d like… Anyway, I can admit that I have not always been the most patient wife and mother. There have been many times I had just simply left the kids with my husband and did my own thing, traveling to see old friends. There have been times I had looked at my family life as a burden, something holding me back. But, I feel that going through these experiences have only made me stronger. They have given me a point of reference in this whole motherhood thing. I am able to look back and compare what kind of mother I could have been and strive to be something better, something stronger. Everyday we make the choice to be what we want to be. It is honestly that simple. Its not that easy, but it IS that simple.

So anyway…Enjoying your children. Life is hard. Gas prices suck. The economy sucks. Health insurance (or lack there of) sucks. There is so much negative surrounding us everyday that it can be very hard seeing the joy and wealth in something as simple as our children. No, no…children aren’t simple…but the joy that they bring is. I think that is something a lot of us lose in parenting. We become so overwhelmed with everyday life that our children just get lost in the shuffle. Even as a parent, we still have to have our own sense of being. We still have to be our own person. That’s where the enjoyment comes in. My husband and I love Star wars, so rather than put that on the back burner, rather than tuck away that part of ourselves, we embrace it with our kids. We pause on the weekends and watch a Sci Fi movie with them. Now we have a son so obsessed with space, we always have something to talk about. Our daughter loves making things, so she runs around Rory while he works outside and that bonding could never be replaced. We listen to music with our kids and read books that interest us with them. We shop with them in the stores we find interesting. From sharing what we like with them it has opened the flood gates of communication. We enjoy exploring their interests as much as they do ours. We enjoy our children and at the same time we are able to touch base with who WE ARE. I feel that because Starla and Trent know us as individuals they respect our decisions because they know why we make them. Respect is a big thing in this house.

So go enjoy your children. Share something with them about yourself. You may be surprised to find they have the same tiny seed of interest, it just needs guidance in blossoming. ♥

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Fruit instead of ice cream??

Yesterday Starla came home from school with more energy than needed… So I thought we would walk to the grocery store…And to my amazement, my little girl pick buying fruit over ice cream. Plus ten for me! I’m trying to lose weight (who isn’t?) so the fruit change is a nice one…Although I still polished off dinner with a King Size Nutrageous…However! Starla and I went on our first bike ride together yesterday, after our fruit feast ♥
Trent on the other hand, he refused the fruit AND the playing outside and just wanted to “study” Star Wars. He just turned four in August and can’t read yet, but he sure fakes it pretty well! (And yeah, that couch is seriously awesome…)

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And he can’t even read yet…

My son, Trent, is IN LOVE with Star Wars. It is quit admirable to see a four year old devoted to something with such an in depth and complicated story line. Trent can name the characters, ships, weapons… I have to admit, I think Rory has nudged his son down this path a bit…Regardless, the past few mornings, Trent has been “reading” Star Wars Insider magazines (from the early 1990’s) and it is SO cute how carefully he turns each and every page…I imagine his father read through these magazines much in the same way. ♥

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