Reading Contest

Every month in Starla’s class they have reading goals of 30 books/chapters a month. April isn’t even over yet and she is well over 30. Each one of the flowers represents 5 books/chapters. YeeeeAH… Starla pretty much rocked it this month. They have had to start over-lapping her flowers. ♥ (Click the picture to see it larger)

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And he can’t even read yet…

My son, Trent, is IN LOVE with Star Wars. It is quit admirable to see a four year old devoted to something with such an in depth and complicated story line. Trent can name the characters, ships, weapons… I have to admit, I think Rory has nudged his son down this path a bit…Regardless, the past few mornings, Trent has been “reading” Star Wars Insider magazines (from the early 1990’s) and it is SO cute how carefully he turns each and every page…I imagine his father read through these magazines much in the same way. ♥

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