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Marvelous Guest Soap

Marvelous Guest Soap

Marvelous Guest Soap

Our first soap for 2012 has been released and it happens to be comic book inspired. As to why, well, as a company specializing in “geek” it only seems natural, and obvious…but really, that has nothing to do with it…mostly.

Quick note, if this is the first time reading me, I write how I speak. I apologize for my punctuation abuse…

As some of you know, I cross business and personal all of the time. It is hard for me to separate the two because what I create is directly influenced by what I live and love. In days past, I had never really been a huge comic fan. *gasp!* I just simply never had access to comic books. I hadn’t even been into a real comic shop until my early twenties… However, my son has managed to completely change this and my products are reflecting it.

Quick history on Trent. He has a very hard time interacting socially and repeated kindergarten because he wasn’t ready for the chaotic social structure that was forming and he was also having a hard time with letters, seeing a lot of things backwards which then led to a hate for reading. He wanted nothing to do with it because it was difficult and he couldn’t understand it.

Trent teaching himself how to read.

Trent reading during soccer practice.

Enter his first Clone Wars Graphic Novel…So, his second year of kindergarten is over and we begin spending a lot of time in the library. While poking around in the pre-teen section he finds the book that started it all, and like a fool, I don’t remember which one it was, but he did end up reading every last novel he could find that summer.

I had gone to ComicCon during that time and StarFest earlier in the year. I bought tons and tons and TONS of old comics for the kids and by default, I was starting to really get into them. Add this giant plethora of reading material to his all ready giant stack of books and fast forward six months… My son had taught himself how to read.

I kid you not. As soon as my son found something he wanted to read it was all down hill from there. Comics worked so well for him because it was a lot of one word to one frame. With so many visual clues as to what a word is, from character expression to movement being demonstrated, he just figured out how to put it all together. He had learned the fundamentals in school, now he had found his own way to apply them. #win

Oh yeah, I originally had started writing this to tell you about soap…

So, about said soap…In tribute to the characters we have fallen in love with over the last year, which really, have all been older versions from the 60’s/70’s (We have to keep it kid friendly you know…) we have released the Marvelous Guest Soap. Our tiny tribute to the heroes that taught my son the joy of reading.

As a side note, on DC versus Marvel…I am more partial to Marvel because I am in love with Benjamin Grimm, however I have girl lust for Batman…What are you gonna do, right? We are an equal opportunity science fiction household and the same holds true for comics, as you will see this year in our soap designs…

I would LOVE to hear how comics have influenced your life in the comments below. What are your favorites? Who do you wish you could be?

Yours, Kylee Lane

P.S. I have two blogs here, one for business (product updates/development notes) and one for pleasure (being an ultra cool mom/education ranting) …already I find that I can’t categorize most of what I write. >.< How do you people with multiple blogs do it??

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Coming clean on the Alliance Soap Bar!

More and more Luxury Lane Soap is becoming known for our extreme attention to detail. Just like with the Companion Cube Soap we built I wanted to give you all a little insight into the process of what it takes to make a positive for us to then cast. Best part?? This entire piece was built with things we had lying around the house!!

The first step was to construct a model to make the mold from. The measurements of the original were scaled down to 75% to make it more practical as a bar of soap. Wood was used for the bulk of the model, and the detailing on the face were added to that. The block of wood was cut to size and then passed through a table saw set at a 17 degree angle several times to make the beveled sides.The design on the front of the bar was sourced from the internet with some changes made to reflect accuracy to screencaps from the episode. The image was printed to card stock twice, one with the first layer cutouts made, and the second on top of that to complete the image. Double sided tape was used to adhere them to the wood block.

The model was then sprayed with lacquer primer to seal it. This also helped to highlight areas that needed some work, mainly chips in the sides and along the wood to card stock transition.
Red spot putty was used to fill problem areas, and sanded down smooth using 1000 grit sandpaper and water.
The model was then sprayed with one more coat of primer, before being sprayed with flat black paint to give the whole thing an even matte finish. The finish texture is important because it will transfer over to the mold.

After we finally have our piece to mold from, it is then on to color matching, formula testing, fragrance development, product descriptions and photography. SO WORTH IT!

We would love to hear what you think in the comments below! You can find our brand new Alliance Soap Bar right here! ♥♥♥

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