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Making Lumpy Space Princess

Oh. Mah. Glob. Lumpy Space Princess is finally here! While, yes, it seems like so much work for such a simple design, it is the work part of these creations that we love. So without a moment more, may we present to you, how we built those rocking’ lumps!


We set out to do this project like, a year ago, with several characters in mind. LSP was the only one that made it to the beginning phases before it was put on an extended hiatus. (We may have been watching Adventure Time over and over and over again…) After kicking around several ideas on how to make the model we ended up with a combo of various sized dowel rods and card stock.


Using a printed image to get the outline proportions right we glued the dowels onto the card stock and then cut it out, repeating for the other side. Polyester body filler was used to blend the seam between the dowels, and the sides were skim coated and sanded to fill the wood grain.

LSP in wood and primer

We needed to have the ability to make a yellow star on the finished product, so a layer of foamboard with a cutout was layered on top and the whole thing was skim coated and sanded… again.


Once satisfactory, the model was given a primer coat and sanded with finer grit paper to give the surface a uniformly smooth texture. Yeah. There’s a lot of sanding involved…

Ready to Cast

Pictured below is the second attempt at making the mold, the first one turned out badly due to a chemical reaction to the primer and the silicone. (Although failing the first attempt gave us an excellent foundation for writing about why we keep making things this way.) The model is hot glued down to the board with the sides of the mold box clamped in place. The mixed color of the silicone is completely unintentional…


Success at last! You can find my cotton candy scented Lumpy Space Princess along with LTD Galactic Color pigment in LSP as a perk on our Indiegogo, under Lumpin’ Love. With your help spreading the word and donations, we will have the space and set up to build even more awesome designs, using true artisan methods. You can check out a few other of our built projects here and here.

These lumps!



A Very Satisfied Kylee

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MoldingThe single thing that sucks the most when it comes to making things is when they don’t turn out. However, I have learned over my years that failure is the number one thing that drives my motivation.

I mess up, get angry and then proceed to rock the hell out of whatever it is I’m creating. This is good. This is one of those “driving force” things I believe we are meant to develop.

So for about a year now, we have been working on building a positive to produce a silicone mold for a product I am extremely excited about. Last week while I was out of town we were able to conclude how this project would be finished and this week has been spent revving up for the release. I have poured my entire self into this final step, which included all of the marketing, photography, site development and used it as the foundation
and justification for my studio.

LSP in wood and primerThis product was meant to be released today as a fundraiser perk as proof that creating
something from nothing is at my core. It is who I am. It is what I do. It was meant to be a reward for so many people who continue to support me and support the idea that sometimes we need to go back to the basics in order to bring something worthwhile into the future.

Guess who failed this morning? Me.

This morning when we went to unmold our positive, the inner silicone had not cured due a bad chemical reaction with the filler material. My own fault. I will no longer be able to release this design as an early arrival perk for my fundraiser, as intended and planned.

I set out to prove (on a small scale) you can build with solely determination. The time spent devoted to your craft is worth it because you will succeed if you nurse and love the shit out of something. While in the long run, I still fully believe this, on the short term, I want to tell myself and my ideas to fuck off.

LSP Faceplate processI could just get a 3D printer. I could just give up my devotion to this lost art. I could just sell out and stop working so hard.


I can keep doing what I do and rocking the shit out of it. Keep moving forward and continue making things the way I believe they should be made. To keep failing and to keep telling that failure to fuck off.

Mold making is relatively small in the grand scheme of life. However, everything we do we put this much dedication into. If you aren’t going to give it your absolute best, why are you bothering? What are you trying to prove?

I am not trying to prove anything. You bet your ass though, I am going to prove everything.

So while yes, everything I have set up is all of a sudden gone, my timeline is destroyed and I let down so many people who have been excited about this for so long, I will still move forward. I will still prove that when you dedicate yourself to something, no matter how small or insignificant it might be, your determination will drag you to the finish line.

Ready to CastDespite being unable to show you a finished product, I am still thrilled to show you the
process. It is all about the journey, right? Honestly, at the end of the day, spending time doing what you love, no matter how long it takes, is really all that matters.

It is on this note that I am asking that you please consider donating to my fundraiser, The Lane Lab. One of the primary functions of this new studio will be an entire lab devoted to building small scale replicas and positives for molding and proving genuine craftsmanship will always come out on top. You can read more on my company history here, here, and here.

Keep on doing what you love and if you haven’t found it yet, do not give up. It’s out there waiting for you.


Less Pissed Off Than When I Started Writing This Kylee

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Laboratory Update!

Right now The Lane Laboratory is 65% funded with 35 days to go!! I wanted to let all of you know that your shares and contributions are making this a reality. It took 4 years before I could even ask for your help and I thought you might just tell me to f@#k off. You didn’t. You helped me. So, Thank you.

I have been getting a few of the same emails regarding the fundraiser perks and I wanted to post some updates and reminders.

Yes, I am giving away a lot of store credit and yes, I have done the cost calculations. This fundraiser is not about profit. It is about building a space to create and right now the only way to do that is with a loan from all of you. Why wouldn’t I offer interest? It feels right.

The $3,230 dollars raised as of this morning? Yeah. Building materials are almost paid for! This is happening.

As we begin to lay out our timeline for demolition, we have already started getting ready to jack up the house to replace the plumbing. Rory will be blogging about these projects this weekend and you can find him over in Self Sufficiency and The Fairhill Project.

Big May the Fourth shout out to everyone who helped me put together our newest perk, Smuggler’s Haul! There are 25 of these sets available, just like with Blue Box Special, and yup, includes a $10 gift card to

An entire STAR WARS themed package of awesome including my Soap in Carbonite, Fett: The Soap (Father & Son set), Astromechs & Falcons, Galactic Color nail enamel in Bounty and mineral pigment in Alive. Also includes your name listed on our website as a contributor along with an invisible high-five and 7 bonus Karma points, a handwritten thank you, samples and $10 store credit.

An entire STAR WARS themed perk of awesome! Includes Soap in Carbonite, Fett: The Soap, Astromechs & Falcons, Galactic Color nail enamel in Bounty and mineral pigment in Alive.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!


Kylee Lane

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Marvelous Guest Soap

Marvelous Guest Soap

Marvelous Guest Soap

Our first soap for 2012 has been released and it happens to be comic book inspired. As to why, well, as a company specializing in “geek” it only seems natural, and obvious…but really, that has nothing to do with it…mostly.

Quick note, if this is the first time reading me, I write how I speak. I apologize for my punctuation abuse…

As some of you know, I cross business and personal all of the time. It is hard for me to separate the two because what I create is directly influenced by what I live and love. In days past, I had never really been a huge comic fan. *gasp!* I just simply never had access to comic books. I hadn’t even been into a real comic shop until my early twenties… However, my son has managed to completely change this and my products are reflecting it.

Quick history on Trent. He has a very hard time interacting socially and repeated kindergarten because he wasn’t ready for the chaotic social structure that was forming and he was also having a hard time with letters, seeing a lot of things backwards which then led to a hate for reading. He wanted nothing to do with it because it was difficult and he couldn’t understand it.

Trent teaching himself how to read.

Trent reading during soccer practice.

Enter his first Clone Wars Graphic Novel…So, his second year of kindergarten is over and we begin spending a lot of time in the library. While poking around in the pre-teen section he finds the book that started it all, and like a fool, I don’t remember which one it was, but he did end up reading every last novel he could find that summer.

I had gone to ComicCon during that time and StarFest earlier in the year. I bought tons and tons and TONS of old comics for the kids and by default, I was starting to really get into them. Add this giant plethora of reading material to his all ready giant stack of books and fast forward six months… My son had taught himself how to read.

I kid you not. As soon as my son found something he wanted to read it was all down hill from there. Comics worked so well for him because it was a lot of one word to one frame. With so many visual clues as to what a word is, from character expression to movement being demonstrated, he just figured out how to put it all together. He had learned the fundamentals in school, now he had found his own way to apply them. #win

Oh yeah, I originally had started writing this to tell you about soap…

So, about said soap…In tribute to the characters we have fallen in love with over the last year, which really, have all been older versions from the 60’s/70’s (We have to keep it kid friendly you know…) we have released the Marvelous Guest Soap. Our tiny tribute to the heroes that taught my son the joy of reading.

As a side note, on DC versus Marvel…I am more partial to Marvel because I am in love with Benjamin Grimm, however I have girl lust for Batman…What are you gonna do, right? We are an equal opportunity science fiction household and the same holds true for comics, as you will see this year in our soap designs…

I would LOVE to hear how comics have influenced your life in the comments below. What are your favorites? Who do you wish you could be?

Yours, Kylee Lane

P.S. I have two blogs here, one for business (product updates/development notes) and one for pleasure (being an ultra cool mom/education ranting) …already I find that I can’t categorize most of what I write. >.< How do you people with multiple blogs do it??

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Happy New Year!

Better late than never…

It has been an insane few months both personally and professionally around here!


Want a bite?

Luxury Lane Soap has been working around the clock finishing up the Holiday rush and going over inventory for the new year. There are tons of new products in development and just as many giveaways planned for the next few months ahead. Until then, here is a delicious chocolate cupcake for you to drool over. swoon

Right? Yum…

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions you have or any ideas for what you would like Luxury Lane Soap or Hemp Bath to bring you in the new year!

Yours, Kylee Lane

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Breaking the Mold

The other day I was watching YouTube videos (which is what you do when you haven’t owned a television in forever) and up pops the following commercial from Ivory soap:

Here is Ivory Soap, owned and manufactured by Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 500 multinational corporation that made $82.6 BILLION in sales this year,coming after me and my fellow soap makers. A company known as one of the most admired brands in the world is saying what I make isn’t soap — evidently because it isn’t white and in the shape of a rectangle. This is news to me…So you can imagine my surprise at this “Galactic Empire” of a company coming after a rebel like myself. I mean, have my fellow soap makers and I suddenly become a threat to a company that has sales of more than $80 Billion a year?The reason this hits me so hard is because I don’t look like a “business owner” or even a “responsible parent”. I have been bound, gagged and tied down by stereotypes. By people, banks and schools telling ME I can’t be what I have worked my ass off to be because of the way I look, because I don’t fit the mold. Cuss yes I’m covered in tattoos and I drive a giant flaming van AND I own a hugely successful business. YES, I was a teen parent and I let mychildren read comics before they even touch homework AND they are years ahead of their peers in educational development. The fact the my hair might be neon pink, my pants neon green, or that there is a giant Star Trek insignia tattoo on my neck, has not one single thing to do with it.Since when do we have to squeeze ourselves into a simple, plain, mold to be something? Since when did our shape, size or color define what we were? If a GIANT billion dollar company can dictate what a product is by what it looks like…really, where is the limit? *insert my extreme paranoia here*

There are tons of things around the house, where instead of forking over money to some corporation trying to stuff you into a box, you could buy those goods from crafters, artisans, and small business owners who have love and passion for what they do and who are responsive to their customers. And for those things that can’t be handmade, maybe think of buying something used and fixing it up or simply upcycling! I recently bought an awesome cowly scarf, handmade by my friend Marissa, instead of buying new shirts for winter. Bonus points for upcycling my summer tank-tops and for supporting another crafter!

I’m not saying never buy anything from a big corporation, but we should all try and keep in our minds the idea that going to a big box store and buying something from a large corporation is only one of our options and when possible we should try and look at some of the others.

Meanwhile, Ivory Soap (and by extension Proctor & Gamble) — you keep doing what you do and I’ll keep doing what I do. I pour as much love and passion into my soap as they can hold, and my customers return it all back to me ten-fold. I’m pretty sure no one loves your soap like they love mine. And the icing on the cake? (mmmm…cake!) The whole reason I got into soap making was that the likes of you couldn’t make a soap that didn’t make my son break out into horrible, bleeding rashes. YOU created the need for people like me to step in and make quality products that people not only enjoyed using, but could feel good about.Everyone, go out and break the mold today.♥

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Dear Anonymous Jessie

I recently had this comment anonymously left in my blog and I thought I would do this “Jessie” a favor and give a real reply. If ANY of you ever have questions about my products, please please please feel free to ask away! I stand by what I make. I have no reason to hide anything that I do.

I am so very sorry if I have given anyone the impression that I have mislead them.

On a personal note, I 110% respect the viewpoints of EVERYONE. I may not agree with them, I may not believe the same things you do, but I still respect the fact that they are YOUR choices and ideas. All I ask it that we all try to be polite and respectful. If you are going to slander a person or company, at least have the guts to not be an anon about it. I mean really, how strong are your convictions if you can’t even admit they are yours?

Anonymous said…

“complete open door policy”

Regarding that, I just received my first shipment from you in the past month and noticed a card that says you are “green” and environmentally friendly but then i went to follow you on twitter. To my surprise you eat meat, which even “grassfed” cows are still the worst thing you can do for the environment. You can’t be a environmentalist and a meat eater according to the UN. So I just found that a bit misleading. Maybe you are only referring to your products but it’s not clear.

However, I noticed most of your soaps contain palm oil, which is horrible for the environment and locals health as well. I know how great “labels” can be to make profits but in all honesty it’s not fair to mislead the consumer who may not be aware of the damage such ingredients cause.

Also as a fellow Etsy craft maker, it concerns me that you use trademark logos for your soaps which is not legal or fair. Not only to the companies that created that art but to other members who are trying to make an honest living.

Thanks for reading. Hope you consider these issues in the future.

October 22, 2011 1:02 PM

Dear Anon Jessie,

Yes, the open door policy is for real! You raised several points, so I’ll do my best to address them one by one.First – unless you’re a vegetarian who is eating only vegetables you’ve grown yourself on a solar-powered farm, with crops fertilized by the wastes from your own animals (and thus subject to bio-contamination), you’re carbon footprint is likely almost as large as any meat-eaters — and if you like your seasonal items like oranges or avocados year-round, it might even be bigger. Yes, I know meat is a resource intensive source of nutrition, but if you’re eating vegetables grown in the Big Agri US-style farming environment or even worse – US-style agricultural products grown abroad and shipped here, that’s pretty resource intensive as well — petroleum products play a huge role in everything from transportation and harvesting fuel to fertilizer and power for irrigation, and huge monoculture farms require more irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides. So the issue, from an environmentalist’s standpoint, about beef=bad, vegetables=good is not really so clear-cut as you put forward. From an ethical standpoint, I do believe animals should suffer as little harm as possible and there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. I would also point out though that while humans can survive on vegetables alone, we evolved to be omnivores, and while you may disagree with my choice to eat meat, I believe that doing so in moderation is responsible from a nutritional, ethical, and environmental standpoint.

Secondly – regarding palm oil. Yes, many palm oil harvesting operations have very bad direct and indirect consequences for the environment. However, in and of itself, palm oil is a great natural product that requires much less chemical- / energy-intensive processing than other types of oil, say soy for example. As a responsible environmentalist, you have to go beyond scanning headlines and do the detailed research necessary to understand the effects your choices have — not just at a single point, but through a product’s entire production, use, and disposal cycle. In this case, I purchase palm oil that is not only certified organic, but certified to have been responsibly and sustainably grown. I spend more money on these base ingredients and yet have to keep my prices competitive, so if profits were truly my driving force, I wouldn’t go through this charade. I’d just buy the cheap stuff and charge the same price as my competitors and I’d be earning more money immediately.

Which makes a great transition to be able to talk about something that I believe is at the core of my business: integrity. I didn’t start making soap because I wanted to make money, I started because my son needed something pure enough that his very sensitive skin wouldn’t over-react to it. And I continue to make soap because it’s something I have a passion for — from the ingredients I put into the soap, to the care and attention that goes into crafting my own molds and making my soap, to how I advertise and sell it — it all comes down to integrity. And I think, compared with many other crafters, that integrity can be seen in every single product I make. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with a choice pitting integrity against profit — I ALWAYS choose integrity.

Lastly, I feel I must take exception to your phrasing “to other members who are trying to make an honest living” — I’m happy to explain my choices regarding the environmental impact of my products, after all I have links on every product page of my site which answer the questions you presented, and I still took the time to reply. But when you imply that *I* am making a dishonest living, I believe that crosses a line. However, I will tell you that you seem to be laboring under a seriously mistaken viewpoint regarding intellectual property, what exactly a trademark is, and what the concept of “fair use” provides for. None of the stuff I reference in my soap is really “trademarked” per se. People always get confused about this. There are intellectual property rights involved, but within the confines of the law, there is fair use and my products are always truthfully presented as the interpretations of a huge fan that in no way presents a threat to the rights of the owners of the intellectual property rights. I have been bullied into no longer selling some products by companies that have more time, money, and lawyers than I do, but I would not sell ANY product that was not honestly represented as what it really is and that I had the right to make.

Thank you for your comments and I hope you feel that I have given them the time and attention they deserved. My door remains open to you and anyone else who has questions and I wish you the best of luck making a living, honest or otherwise, as a crafter. I’ve been doing it for more than six years and have been blessed with opportunities, but I understand it can be a very difficult business for some who aren’t suited to its demands.

♥ Kylee

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