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Slow Cooking


Yeah. I don’t have time for that. Since having moved to Sheldon, IA almost a year ago, I have fallen in love with convenience food. My weight having jumped almost 20 pounds proves it. However, now that we’re in the new house, I can not afford, monetarily or health considering, greasy, fried fast food.

Not so easy. I do not want to diet. I can’t. If I try to restrict myself in anyway I will binge eat to illness. I have extreme addiction patterns and I break easily. Very easily… It is time for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Time to cook my own food.


I thought it was love...

After seeing this awesome post on freezer crockpot meals, I was instantly inspired. I have always wanted to tackle crockpot cooking and this looked like an amazing way to really jump in with a meal time overhaul. There are two things I have in abundance, a lack of patience and a love for home cooked food.

Within hours of my inspiration, Starla and I went out to buy a slow cooker. I had one awhile ago but it gave me a bad feeling so back it went…don’t ask. Found a fancy name brand, 7 qt crockpot, on sale $50 marked down to $30. (It’s red and I HATE red appliances, with a fiery passion from hell, however I totally scratched it big time while opening the box, so I doesn’t matter. I ruin everything and having already made it mine by accidentally beating it up helps me to love it.)

Crockpot acquired and already damaged. Check.

Food shopping. This was the fun part. I actually made a list. I had no idea what my recipes were going to be or what I was going to mix with what. Just a general idea to wash, chop, pack and freeze. This is what I bought:
5 green bell peppers
2 red bell peppers
7 ish small brown potatoes
7 ish small red potatoes
2 bags celery
1 bag baby carrots
Bag of white onions, about 6, I didn’t even count
10 garlic cloves
Bag of green beans
12 chicken breast
5 mild Italian sausages
BBQ sauce
Taco seasoning
Marinara sauce
Freezer bags

I ended up with 6 meals. I was watching the totals at the register and I spent around $50 for all of the food as almost everything I bought was on sale. Score!

Now, I went at this just sort of looking over random recipes. Give ‘freezer crockpot cooking’ a google, there are some really awesome recipes out there…but I don’t follow recipes. If I do, I ALWAYS mess up. It is basic enough, I wash and chop and just pack the bags…Freeze and dump in the pot the next day, right? Wrong.

Baking Pan

You can make cake AND casserole in this bad boy!

Everything I do turns to mush. Everything. Low temp, high temp, low water, high water, and By mid-week I finally gave up. My freezer meals ended up in a 13×9 pan, in the oven. This was perfection. I love baking. Love. It. So, goodbye crock-pot. Helloooooo baking pan!

Now I am on a quest to find the quickest and simplest baked dishes out there. I would love to see your recipes in the comments below! I will be starting a new cooking project very soon as I get back in check with #GeekFit. More on that later…

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