Playing with BlogPress

Look at me exploring blog apps on the iPad!

While looking for a better portable blogging option, and after a lot of cussing at the WordPress app, I found BlogPress. (I just easily coded the link with HTML magic super quickly via the super easy to use BlogPress HTML button in the upper right corner)

And easily took and added this photo using the little camera icon next the HTML button in under 60 seconds.

Basic, I know, but do you have any idea how UNbasic some blog apps are. >_< …yes, they make me squink a grumpy face due to lack of user friendliness.

So anyway, this is just my testing out the simplicity of it all. Now, I am going to test how it posts to facebook and twitter…

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Testing blogging via the iPad2 app

Testing the WP app after I just put on a matte screen protector WITH NO BUBBLES! No trapped dust or fibers! #LifeHack: If you ever get fibers or dust on the sticky side as you lay the protector down, use tape to stick it off. For the love of all things coated in sugar, do not touch it with your fingers. You are dirty.

The screen protector came from CrazyDigital on Amazon. The protectors (set of 3 Military grade, $10ish w/ship) took way to long to get here and the CS of CrazyDigital is lacking. That alone, I won’t buy from them again. The product itself is…decent. A little small, doesn’t cover the pad completely but it is in a case which covers the naked sliver of an edge so it is ok, for me, for now.

The matte screen definitely dulls the display. I also feel like there is a millisecond lag. However, I do feel better with it on. I had my pad…which needs a name…naked for a week and I swear there is a pinhole sized nick. *Edited to add that I am pretty sure the space bar is not responding as well with this screen protector on. Every other key seems to be ok, just having issues when in landscape. It has been over twoish weeks and no mystery bubbles have appeared.

Now for some sort of review on the app…wow, it sucks. Essentially this is a notepad because I still need to open this on my laptop to put in links. *Edited to add that this is not true. There are very easy to use short cut buttons…I just have yet to use them.

I need some sort of image signature. Someone work that up for me?

transparent signature image signature here.

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