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Making Lumpy Space Princess

Oh. Mah. Glob. Lumpy Space Princess is finally here! While, yes, it seems like so much work for such a simple design, it is the work part of these creations that we love. So without a moment more, may we present to you, how we built those rocking’ lumps!


We set out to do this project like, a year ago, with several characters in mind. LSP was the only one that made it to the beginning phases before it was put on an extended hiatus. (We may have been watching Adventure Time over and over and over again…) After kicking around several ideas on how to make the model we ended up with a combo of various sized dowel rods and card stock.


Using a printed image to get the outline proportions right we glued the dowels onto the card stock and then cut it out, repeating for the other side. Polyester body filler was used to blend the seam between the dowels, and the sides were skim coated and sanded to fill the wood grain.

LSP in wood and primer

We needed to have the ability to make a yellow star on the finished product, so a layer of foamboard with a cutout was layered on top and the whole thing was skim coated and sanded… again.


Once satisfactory, the model was given a primer coat and sanded with finer grit paper to give the surface a uniformly smooth texture. Yeah. There’s a lot of sanding involved…

Ready to Cast

Pictured below is the second attempt at making the mold, the first one turned out badly due to a chemical reaction to the primer and the silicone. (Although failing the first attempt gave us an excellent foundation for writing about why we keep making things this way.) The model is hot glued down to the board with the sides of the mold box clamped in place. The mixed color of the silicone is completely unintentional…


Success at last! You can find my cotton candy scented Lumpy Space Princess along with LTD Galactic Color pigment in LSP as a perk on our Indiegogo, under Lumpin’ Love. With your help spreading the word and donations, we will have the space and set up to build even more awesome designs, using true artisan methods. You can check out a few other of our built projects here and here.

These lumps!



A Very Satisfied Kylee

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