Social Media, Not Really.

The power of social media is…

No. Wait.

Genuinely be interested in the people around you.

I have read a multitude of articles on how to use social media and how not to use it. How to market yourself, how to sell your wares…blah blah blah.

A few days ago I was scrolling through twitter and I came across Craig. He used the hashtag #wordmongering and it caught my attention. Gave him a virtual highfive and carried on with my day. Next morning, another minor social interaction and then I decided to be the creeper I am and google stalk. Well, it turns out Craig is an author and he wrote a book of short stories called “Not Before Bed.”

Side note: I cussing love short-story horror. The instant gratification. The fast coming, intense high from the immeditate fear or a twist ending. I really like it. *cough*

So I decide to read Craig’s book, after I finally get the Kindle app on my iPad2. I buy his book off Amazon and I read it in two nights.

Pile of beautiful books.

Remember when we use to hold these?

Pause. I just went out of my way to find his book only to discover I couldn’t read it instantly w/o an app. I did not buy my ipad to read. I install said app, along with the Amazon app, pay money for the digital download and now I have what he wrote in my hands. All in about 3 minutes. Thank you, Future.

Now, really, I just sat down to write what I personally thought of the Craig’s stories — but a long post that would not make. Personally, I am not educated enough to ever write a review. I don’t understand the rules of grammar and make love to spell check hourly. However, some words on my experience…

“Not Before Bed” was written in the same manner I speak in my head. A few moments weren’t very clear to me; some movement was hard for me to visualize. But I feel my life bar went up a few notches for having read these stories. I DID read them before bed — in bed actually — and seriously, the story “Sarah and the Monster” scared the shit out of me. However, I wanted to be scared. I also wanted to be in the story.

What Craig wrote played into exactly what I wanted. Instant gratification. I work 14 hour shifts and as much as I want to read, I can’t right now as I grow my business. Short stories are my only indulgence and this set of stories nailed it.

What should you take away from this? (other than the fact that I cannot stay on topic) It’s this — if you have something, anything to offer — you want to be a writer, a crafter, go into business…do it. Simply put what you love out there and people will find it. Put a link in your profile and carry on with your day. Be genuine and genuine people will seek out what you do and who you are. It really is that simple.

One hashtag in a forever stream of tweets and I now have the writings of another person forever in my head. Technology aiding to the simplicity of just being. So I ask, what have you always wanted to contribute, anything creative your are working on right now? As always, I would love to hear in the comments below.

Yours, Kylee Lane

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