Soap and a Volkswagen Part 2 – Disassembly

Just incase you missed it, Soap and a Volkswagen Part 1 – Bringing Her Home

So, now that we have her home, we needed to clean her out and completely disassemble the interior.

Thankfully, these snazzy seat covers and layers of trash preserved the original interior very nicely, but we will get to that later.IMG_1453 IMG_1455 IMG_1520Just getting all of the trash out made a huge difference. Potential is gleaming from this beauty! IMG_1522IMG_1528IMG_1541IMG_1557IMG_1561IMG_1575IMG_1577IMG_1623Super cool, we found the original jack!IMG_1583IMG_1605Pealing back the layers of time.IMG_1634 IMG_1645 IMG_1650

Now to pull out all of the interior.IMG_1666While taking apart seats, I received my first restoration injury!IMG_1670

Bam! Empty!
IMG_1682Okay…now she’s empty…IMG_1742Next we took the topper off.IMG_1738IMG_1702 IMG_1705While Rory was doing that, I was disassembling the seats and mother of pearl, look what I found, pristine, original vinyl! Seriously, these seats are nicer than any of the seats in anything we drive…
IMG_1697 IMG_1698Along with the original jack and gorgeous vinyl seats, we found some awesome original stamping.IMG_1502 IMG_1667Next, it was time to clean her, but that is going to have a post of it’s own because you will not believe how rust free and clean she is.

Soap and a Volkswagen Part 3 – So Fresh. So Clean.

Much Love, Kylee Lane

You can see more photos of our building adventure with hashtag #SoapBus on Instagram!

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