Saturday Summary #2 July 19th 2014

I hope everyone is having a great summer! So many updates. Much chaos. Send candy…

Contributor Perks

  • All Shave Spiral Contributor Perks have SHIPPED!!! Please let me know if you like the scent!! Should I add it to the permanent line? Shampoo perhaps?! (more on shampoo below…)20140717-201021.jpg
  • 6 Months of Luxury Lane Soap Contributor Perks have also shipped! Let me know what you think!
  • Blue Box Special, Smuggler’s Haul and Everything is Awesome Contributor Perks are officially in production! See my progress on instagram via #TheLaneLab
  • Galactic Color Subscription Contributor Perks are shipping this week.
  • Pen Pal Contributor Perks are going out slowly but steadily. I am making each one of you a card, drawing hearts and taking my time writing something just for you. The kids have been helping too so you get an extra punch of awesome right to the heart hole from The Lane Kids.20140705-144340.jpg
  • Personal Batch Contributor Perks are in production and you guys are killing it with your requests! I am formulating in the order I received emails, so if you haven’t heard back from me, no worries, I have your ingredients ordered and the next round of production starts Tuesday July 22nd. (I am also making additional batches for the grand re-opening on August 1st! Those virtual shelves are going to be loaded.)20140717-120311.jpg


  •  We hauled out the first load of dead material from the third floor!! 800 pounds!! Rory is guessing by the end of demolition we will have moved out the weight of an entire car in garbage wall by the time we open the original ballroom.20140717-200418.jpg
  • Last section of wall starts coming down this weekend! It is a good thing we are taking down these walls because we are now seeing the ceiling is having issues we couldn’t see before. These walls are not original so the aren’t any sort of major support walls. After we get the last wall down, Rory is going to see whether or not we have to redo the ceiling. I will cry if we do. Flat out.20140717-200429.jpg

  • New Organic Artisan Soap formulas, scents, and packaging debuting August 1st. Upgrade includes ZERO packaging plastics, tapes or gums and everything is recyclable/biodegrable. #ProTip Reuse the tissue paper and give the best scented gift ever.
  • Shampoo has been reformulated! Every now and again, an ingredient that had been labeled organic looses its certification and I have to scramble to reformulate my products. This is one of the awesome things about small batch crafting, I never buy bulk so I am never stuck with a product I am forced to use because it’s “just on hand”. This means I have an all new formula for you, with the most currently certified ingredients on the market right this second. I know how much you loved the Hemp Silk Shampoo but my raw material supplier decided to switch to less natural ingredient processing processes due to profit loss. Companies get bought out and I am not having any of that noise. The new formula will be released August 1st buuuuuut as a thank you for reading this update, if you would like an adorable one ounce bottle of my new Shine Enhancing Shampoo just shoot me an email, and it’s yours, totally free.




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