Saturday Summary #1 July 5th 2014


I asked and you answered.

Welcome to your very first Saturday Summary, which will include all updates from the last week including #TheLaneLab build and perk production.


The “Contributors List” has been compiled! Please give it a look here.

Perk Updates

  • All of “Bonus $10” perks have been emailed! Woo!! Please let me know if you have any issues with your gift certificate code or can’t find the email.
  • Shave Spirals for the “Organic Shave Set” perk are in production and will be shipping this week!
  • Personal Batch” perks will start live production July 14th! Please be sure to check your email and get your formula preferences to me.
  • More Indiegogo Updates

We begin the build! …with a trailer. 

What does this all mean for Luxury Lane Soap?! It means the site will be going to an inventory based selling system. I am in perk production and can not guarantee order times. Right now my top priority is taking care of my contributors. You guys own me until every last perk is out.

But don’t panic!  I will be making extra products during production and will have them for purchase on the site. Once it’s sold out, that’s it, until the grand re-opening August 1st, 2014.

  • Items will be going in and out of stock with little to no heads up. I will be clearing out stock and inventory during the rebuild. Saw something you just have to have? Give me a shout out on twitter or Instagram. @KyleeLane #TheLaneLab
  • I am still trying to figure out the best way to communicate inventory flux with everyone. Find daily updates via hashtag #TheLaneLab on instagram and twitter.

Family Fun

Yay! Pictures!


Coming Soon! See how we made a bit of awesome for the amazing band, Five Year Mission.


While I prepare for new supplies and shuffle inventory, there may be minor (adorable) packaging changes.


Mighty Mango is wearing some sexy new clothes.


Please be aware that Luxury Lane Soap is heat sensitive and will not want to be your friend if left in a hot car or on a sunny porch.

Yeah? Did I do it right? Please let me know in the comments below if this is what you would like to see every Saturday! Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Kylee




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