Pumpkin Cupcake Whipped Up Sugar Scrub

“We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents” – Bob Ross

While trying to develop a scrub for my beloved Numbers Geek, Kathy, I began experimenting….for weeks…and months…finally when I thought I had found the perfect recipe, I…failed! *gasp*…and then I immediately threw four pounds of product on the floor…and then cussed…and then went and pouted in my bedroom. True story.

An hour later, I had an epiphany! My Whipped Soap Frosting! My prize Pumpkin Cupcake scent! Organic sugar, pure unrefined botanicals!! Ahhh! Mix mix mix… *lighting bolts* *me crying out “LIVE!”*

*silence* *SQUEEE* …Just ask @geekwithsoul…I am THRILLED about this product. ♥

Heck freakin’ YEAH! I had finally done it! The most delightful, clean-rinsing, moisturizing body scrub EVER!

This luxurious sugar scrub is unlike any other you’ve tried! As an exfoliant, raw organic sugar combines wonderfully with the anti-oxidizing and healing properties of almond and avocado oils to provide unsurpassed, deep-skin hydration…” It’s true. I am in love…

Not only that, but I ran out of 4-ounce jars, so this epic Pumpkin Cupcake Whipped Up Sugar Scrub comes to you in a limited, whopping 12-ounces!

I am seriously excited about this, and I want YOU to try it! I am giving away 2 jumbo travel jars to two lucky people! What do you have to do to win such a prize? Just leave a comment down below and I will randomly select a winner using one of those fancy random number generators. Oh the future…
We have our winners! Number 7 and number 16!

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