Picking Strawberries

We went out to Getting’s Garden for the very first time today and had so much fun picking over eight pounds of strawberries! The entire staff was so helpful and nice…even when I had to keep asking questions because I had no idea what to do. Rory wasn’t able to make it out with us because of work, but we are planning to all go out there on his next day off. The kids and I called this the test run. (The van is totally accidentally in this shot! Love it!)20140626-064521.jpg

They had this really cool tractor thing they drove you out to the farm on. I wish I had taken a picture of one. It was like a tractor/go cart sort of thing.20140626-064537.jpg

It actually went pretty fast…20140626-064552.jpg

They assign you a row to pick and immediately the kids were grabbing every single red berry they could see. To these two, it was the equivalent of a piñata being busted and candy covering the floor.20140626-064626.jpg



We got assigned a row that had a lot of itty bitty berries…20140626-064657.jpg

…and may have reached over once or twice for one of the big ones not in our row.20140626-064718.jpg


Eight and a half fresh picked strawberries for $16! How can you beat that? Now I want to make ALL OF THE STRAWBERRY THINGS!20140626-064821.jpg

Also, the weather was perfect.20140626-064837.jpg


Sore From Squatting Kylee

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