Own Yourself

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Oh yeah…I don’t need one. However, I do love having a reason to pose in my pajamas. Toss in the kids and you have a real family portrait opportunity.

I Don't Need an Excuse.

Just in case you didn’t know, YOU are amazing. Your belly rolls, your toned abs, whatever intestinal casing you have, it’s all yours.

I am going to lay it out real simple for all of you.

You love cake? DIG IN. You love working out? Sweat it up!! You want to be healthier? Own it! You give no fucks? Highfive! See, we are constantly so hung up on body image these days that we forget one huge thing…to mind our own business. Worry about YOU.

But the little girls! They are so confused with the media and magazines!! Here’s a novel idea. Turn off the TV. Give your daughter an intelligent book. Have an actual conversation with a kid.

But what about fat/slut/skinny/whatthefuckever shaming! How about you put on your big kid panties, throw your middle finger in the air and strut your stuff? One of the coolest things about having your own body is that you get to do whatever you want with it!

Look, here’s the thing, you don’t need an excuse. If you aren’t happy, it’s your own fault. It’s not media or society or your asshole significant other destroying your self worth. You are. Don’t let any outside sources tell you how to think or feel. Just stop.

Just. Stop.

Letting go of fear, insecurities and anger isn’t easy. Neither is getting up at 5am on Saturday to score a full box of yesterday’s discounted doughnuts…but it is SO worth it.

It really is that simple and I debated writing an exasperated blog post to stroke our egos but I don’t have time for that shit. YOU, and only you, are in complete control of your thoughts. That inside space where no one can touch or see, is all yours. What you put in is what you are going to get out.

I choose acceptance. I choose happiness. I choose to close with the Beastie Boys.

We need body rockin not perfection
Let me get some action from the back section

Love, Kylee Lane

Your media is not the boss of our bodies.



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