Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year we decided to go to Sioux Falls, SD. Since it is an hour and a half long drive, the kids decided to “pack” their flannel, kittens and fanny packs, like you do.


After we ran around the mall for a bit, we decided to head over to Falls Park. Van selfies are a must.20140512-111115.jpg

Nine years ago, we sat together, on this very rock. I am still in shock at how fast time has flown by…


If you want to climb the rocks…you have to take a million pictures for me first.20140512-111143.jpg


The weather was perfect! (Which I repeated at least a dozen times.) No “burn your eyes out” sun, just milky grey skies (yes! my favorite!) and a cool breeze. 20140512-111219.jpg


This guy. <320140512-111246.jpg




After climbing all of the rocks and not busting our skulls falling into the water and landing on said rocks, we decided to walk around down town and hunt for ice cream. We found a dinosaur instead.


20140512-111417.jpgAnd this guy. There were many more sculptures although most had exposed breasts and butts and the kids didn’t want me to photograph them. Fun haters.20140512-111513.jpg

Candy hunting.


Next it was off to the Cinedome to see The Lego Movie…again. BECAUSE IT IS THAT AWESOME!!20140512-114528.jpg

To top it all off, we had breakfast dinner at “our” roadside Denny’s while we waited out a crazy storm that soaked everything outside. There were tornado warnings a few miles from our home town, so we decided to wait it out and eat until we couldn’t move.20140512-114537.jpg

Seriously. Cream cheese frosting, cinnamon glazed pancakes? Yes. Because waistlines and eating healthy doesn’t count on Mother’s Day.20140512-114545.jpg

After we arrived back home I was gifted the most awesome gifts ever. I have this thing for ’40’s/50’s era kitchen utensils and green glass. Glorious metal and thick, invincible glass..20140512-114701.jpg

I haven’t gotten a chance to try the waffle iron, but the mixer works beautifully!! Just like I knew it would. 20140512-114714.jpg

 So while there was no big fancy dinner plans, no vases of roses and my daughter and I wore comfy pants during our travels, we were all happy to spend the day together. Mother’s Day is a time marker for me. A moment to reflect back and look at how strong our family is and how tight our bond continues to grow. My children have a taught me to find joy in the simplest of things…like rocks, pancakes and mixers. 20140512-114857.jpg

Seriously! The weather was perfect!


Very Tired From Climbing Kylee

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