MoldingThe single thing that sucks the most when it comes to making things is when they don’t turn out. However, I have learned over my years that failure is the number one thing that drives my motivation.

I mess up, get angry and then proceed to rock the hell out of whatever it is I’m creating. This is good. This is one of those “driving force” things I believe we are meant to develop.

So for about a year now, we have been working on building a positive to produce a silicone mold for a product I am extremely excited about. Last week while I was out of town we were able to conclude how this project would be finished and this week has been spent revving up for the release. I have poured my entire self into this final step, which included all of the marketing, photography, site development and used it as the foundation
and justification for my studio.

LSP in wood and primerThis product was meant to be released today as a fundraiser perk as proof that creating
something from nothing is at my core. It is who I am. It is what I do. It was meant to be a reward for so many people who continue to support me and support the idea that sometimes we need to go back to the basics in order to bring something worthwhile into the future.

Guess who failed this morning? Me.

This morning when we went to unmold our positive, the inner silicone had not cured due a bad chemical reaction with the filler material. My own fault. I will no longer be able to release this design as an early arrival perk for my fundraiser, as intended and planned.

I set out to prove (on a small scale) you can build with solely determination. The time spent devoted to your craft is worth it because you will succeed if you nurse and love the shit out of something. While in the long run, I still fully believe this, on the short term, I want to tell myself and my ideas to fuck off.

LSP Faceplate processI could just get a 3D printer. I could just give up my devotion to this lost art. I could just sell out and stop working so hard.


I can keep doing what I do and rocking the shit out of it. Keep moving forward and continue making things the way I believe they should be made. To keep failing and to keep telling that failure to fuck off.

Mold making is relatively small in the grand scheme of life. However, everything we do we put this much dedication into. If you aren’t going to give it your absolute best, why are you bothering? What are you trying to prove?

I am not trying to prove anything. You bet your ass though, I am going to prove everything.

So while yes, everything I have set up is all of a sudden gone, my timeline is destroyed and I let down so many people who have been excited about this for so long, I will still move forward. I will still prove that when you dedicate yourself to something, no matter how small or insignificant it might be, your determination will drag you to the finish line.

Ready to CastDespite being unable to show you a finished product, I am still thrilled to show you the
process. It is all about the journey, right? Honestly, at the end of the day, spending time doing what you love, no matter how long it takes, is really all that matters.

It is on this note that I am asking that you please consider donating to my fundraiser, The Lane Lab. One of the primary functions of this new studio will be an entire lab devoted to building small scale replicas and positives for molding and proving genuine craftsmanship will always come out on top. You can read more on my company history here, here, and here.

Keep on doing what you love and if you haven’t found it yet, do not give up. It’s out there waiting for you.


Less Pissed Off Than When I Started Writing This Kylee

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