Last week in pictures…

I was laying in bed last night going through the pictures on my phone and completely forgot I could send them to my blog! So, I would like to present: Last Week (and some of this week…) In Pictures!

On Tuesday (May 5Th) my sister and I took Trent shopping and to get hair cuts…He made his first purchase:

The Indiana LEGO game! He was VERY happy and proud!:
And I really needed to get my bangs cut:

I had them thinned out and cut at less of a slant…I do not know that I like them as much:

Trent got his Mohawk done for summer! Yay! :

Sometime last week it was rainy and I took this picture of my sexy car. One day this baby will be pink…:

Saturday (May 9Th)! I love Saturday’s. Starla and I always have a jammie outing to go buy breakfast food. 😀 She thinks it’s pretty cool I let her wear whatever she wants…I never have on makeup and I’m
always in my beloved flannel:
And an awesome breakfast was had indeed! :
After a great weekend and a long Mother’s day nap on Sunday, it was back to work on Monday (May 11Th). I was so busy I asked Rory if he and Trent could please help with some house chores…This was not the kind of help I was hoping for:
And yesterday, Tuesday (May 12th) Trent and I went on our weekly shopping trip and he found this AWESOME Boba Fett shirt. Had to get one for Starla too! (Would have gotten on for me also, but they didn’t have one in my size…):

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