Last Day of School

Tuesday, June 2nd was Starla’s very last day of first grade! Yay! I took this picture of her right before she walked to school. ♥I can not believe this Fall both of the kids will be in school! We are putting Trent in Kindergarten even though he will only be five. I have been *told* that you start boys a year late. Rory and I have talked a lot about it and we decided he is more than ready. I guess I just don’t understand the holding boys back a year…Then again, I don’t understand why people pay for cable when there are plenty of free books out there to read… (And no, we have never once had cable. Ever. However, we have enough books to fill an entire library. So I AM a bit bias on the subject. Reading is FUNdamental! ♥)

Back to the subject…both of my babies will be in school! Just the thought of having an empty house for eight hours just…well…it seems crazy. I have always had a little one (or two) running around. Even when I moved out of my Mom’s house, my little brother was only two years old.

I had looked into going back to school, but I kept putting it off and missed a few cut off dates. I could give a zillion reason why I am not enrolling in College this Fall…money issues, work issues, kid issues…but the truth is, I just wasn’t motivated enough to do it. Now that it’s too late I am angry I didn’t try harder. But it’s easy being angry at something you can’t change…

The more and more I think about it, I am looking forward to both of the kids being in school and having time to be an “old school house wife”. I love cleaning and never have time to do it. I love folding clean laundry! I do! There, I said it! Folding warm, unwrinkled clothing makes me smile. With the kids in the house I never have time to clean as well as I’d like. What’s more, I never have time to ENJOY things being clean before someone is making a mess somewhere in the house. Wow. I am thrilled, come Fall, I will be able to spend hours a day cleaning…What the heck happened to me?!


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