Laboratory Update!

Right now The Lane Laboratory is 65% funded with 35 days to go!! I wanted to let all of you know that your shares and contributions are making this a reality. It took 4 years before I could even ask for your help and I thought you might just tell me to f@#k off. You didn’t. You helped me. So, Thank you.

I have been getting a few of the same emails regarding the fundraiser perks and I wanted to post some updates and reminders.

Yes, I am giving away a lot of store credit and yes, I have done the cost calculations. This fundraiser is not about profit. It is about building a space to create and right now the only way to do that is with a loan from all of you. Why wouldn’t I offer interest? It feels right.

The $3,230 dollars raised as of this morning? Yeah. Building materials are almost paid for! This is happening.

As we begin to lay out our timeline for demolition, we have already started getting ready to jack up the house to replace the plumbing. Rory will be blogging about these projects this weekend and you can find him over in Self Sufficiency and The Fairhill Project.

Big May the Fourth shout out to everyone who helped me put together our newest perk, Smuggler’s Haul! There are 25 of these sets available, just like with Blue Box Special, and yup, includes a $10 gift card to

An entire STAR WARS themed package of awesome including my Soap in Carbonite, Fett: The Soap (Father & Son set), Astromechs & Falcons, Galactic Color nail enamel in Bounty and mineral pigment in Alive. Also includes your name listed on our website as a contributor along with an invisible high-five and 7 bonus Karma points, a handwritten thank you, samples and $10 store credit.

An entire STAR WARS themed perk of awesome! Includes Soap in Carbonite, Fett: The Soap, Astromechs & Falcons, Galactic Color nail enamel in Bounty and mineral pigment in Alive.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!


Kylee Lane

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