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I’m trying!!! Today Rory and I shipped forty Soap in Carbonite soaps. *whew* Same goal for tomorrow! (I actually started writing this blog on Monday…it is now Friday…) Just wanted to let everyone know I didn’t take your money and leave the country! Though Canada sounds lovely….

Last week I had posted about how to get a hold of me. I am SO happy that you are indeed, getting a hold of me.

I have actually had a few of you express joy because I am NOT a robot. I am a real person. *waves* (If you were to ask anyone if I have ever posted a no makeup, in my comfy clothes, non edited, messy house background pic, they would instantly tell you no. Go look at my TwitPic See? It is so full of cute…and sarcasm)

Dearest customers, I am doing everything possible to get your orders out the door. I swear to you. PLEASE feel free to nag, email, call, tweet, text…Anything! I can’t always get to replying right away, I am not ignoring you. Sometimes I shower and I would HATE to get my phone wet…Sometimes I sleep…but more than likely, I am in the shower….

I digress.

Customer Service.

The top thing I am noticing from customer inquiries is that the majority of you are shocked I even care. That I am indeed, not a robot. I am going to take a second here and brag. You can check out my rocking Etsy Feedback HERE and HERE Over 1,300 happy transactions.

If I were you I would be pissed I didn’t have my order yet. I am not asking for my customer to just brush this off. I am asking you work with me. Let’s hug it out. I have said it before, and I now say it again, I LOVE what I do. I love making things and I love every single aspect of learning how to run a business with this high of volume. I want everyone to know, ALL SOAPS WILL BE (finally) SHIPPED NEXT WEEK! I kid you not. Haven t gotten your order yet? Oh baaaaby it is coming your way in under seven to ten days. ♥

In all seriousness, Thank you. When you email me telling me you love your orders and you wait for me to finally get on twitter or finally reply to your email…It means so much to me that I am working with friends.

Now, that is enough mush and love for one day. I will be out of town this weekend and *trying* not to work, so I have GOT to PWN this Friday like non other. Really rip this Friday a new one. It also happens to be #FollowFriday on Twitter and I probably wont get to a picture or posts. SO! Go follow everyone I follow and love the cuss out of them.

Again @jeffisageek is rocking my socks off…. He melts me with his kind words. ♥ If you dont follow him, you should. He has the hook ups when it comes to cool.

And could you do me a giant big favor and give some love in the way of
@UberDorkGirlie She is working on the coolest project EVER. Take these surveys. They are quick and painless…you know you are sitting there doing nothing anyway. ♥

Time to get my work on! ♥

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