SUPER huge shout out to Attack of the Show for featuring Luxury Lane Soap!

 Nerd Approved!!

Wil Weaton


Patton Oswalt

Grant Imahara

Daniel Logan (with our Fett: The Soap!)

Thomas Jane

Luxury Lane Soap is super excited to have been mentioned by 





@Syfy on Twitter. 

And that one time Aaron Douglas (of Battlestar Galactica fame and glory) tweeted our Brain Wash…

GIANT shout out to the @bbcdoctorwho’s Tumblr for mentioning MY #TARDIS soap! This has resulted in a massive wave of AWESOME!

Do What You Love in Abundance •”Kylee Lane shares her most valuable resources, her critical advice for crafty folks who want to monetize their talents, and her projections for when her company will be a million-dollar one.”

The Syfy Online Network •”Doctor Who TARDIS soap will transport you into a cleaner dimension”

Wall Street Journal •”Take a cue from the galaxy’s favorite rogue and keep it clean with this soap.”

Sci Fi Wire • Coolest. Soap. Ever.

iGeektrooper“Finally, a soap perfect for ‘Firefly’, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon fans!”

ZOMBIE •”Makers of very cool stuff!”

MTV GEEK • “Firefly fans can geek their way clean with this Alliance soap bar from Luxury Lane Soap

And more!!

EPICponyz technabob Being Ruth Mom’s Basement NerdBastards

Las Vegas Review Journal ToplessRobot ThePowerGeeks GeekGirlDiva

Nerd♥Salad GeekOSystem CrunchGear Makezine Neatorama Geeky Tattoos

Excess Baggage Solutions Mammalicious Finds DK Jewels Cuteable

Have YOU seen Luxury Lane Soap somewhere? Contact me and I will love you forever!

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