Hello. My name is Kylee Lane and this is my website.

“Kylee Lane, the founder & CEO of Luxury Lane Soap, started her business out of a desire to solve a problem – creating an all natural option for her family while curing her insatiable craft lust.  She is constantly embracing new challenges, while managing an irrational fear of everything new, in a paradoxical way of life. With her husband, Kylee works to solve the ultimate challenges of raising two children solely on books and conspiracy theories. Sometimes she’s a little weird.” –KyleeLane.com

• Science Fiction Fanatic • Horror Fiend • Caffeine & Frosting Fueled • Detail Junkie •

We live in an equal opportunity Science Fiction household and I have an insatiable love for Star Trek and Planet of the Apes with lustful traces of Star Wars. I would very much like to be in the middle of an Engineer /Bounty Hunter sandwich. Yes. Yes I would.

More about me…

Husband and Wife

Sometimes, we make out.

Living in the 90’s because we like it better there… My husband has been the single person in my life who has unconditionally loved me through my high school years, chock full of drug abuse and severe bipolar disorder, never asking for anything in return. Without him, I would be nothing.

Reflection on the Principles of LOVE.



We win.

Idiosyncratic Motherhood 
 id·i·o·syn·crat·ic – adjective
pertaining to the nature of idiosyncrasy, or something peculiar to an individual: The best minds are idiosyncratic and unpredictable as they follow the course of scientific discovery.

I have always done everything the hard way. Every stumble, every failure, every single fuck up, was necessary worth it. 

Ten years of reflection has shown to me that YOU decide who and what you are. That’s it and it is extremely powerful. 


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