A new home for Luxury Lane Soap!

Luxury Lane Soap FINALLY has a new home! After almost 2 years we finally bought Fairhill.

I wanted to get an update posted as to where I have been! We bought the house on February 1st and have yet to move in. The sellers need our help moving out. So, plain and simple, we are helping them. As we move them out and before we move in it has been hectic. We are still living above a garage, as we have been for the last 8 months while we saved money. Currently, with no internet very little production and shipping time, I have been kind of laying low. Just let me say, I am going to have buns of STEEL from going up and down these steps.

I will try to keep everyone posted with pictures and updates right here in The Fairhill Project. ♥ While I try to get a little more order to the chaos, I want to thank EVERYONE for being so patient!! Please feel free to text me with any questions you have, it seems to be the fastest way for me to get back to you. (712) 229-9115

You know the drill about calling…if I don’t know you, it scares the hell out of me to answer my phone. Please don’t call, but do feel free to text anytime!

Sending lots of love out there this fine Thursday. Have a beautiful day!
Yours, Kylee


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