Hemp Bath

Brand spanking new! *spank* Hemp Bath!

Hemp Bath first debuted Jul 23, 2009 on Etsy.com with wonderful response from the crafting community and public! 100% positive feedback with over 400 sales in only a few months! I sadly had to close down Hemp Bath due to Etsy fees climbing and so I could focus on expanding Luxury Lane Soap for the new year…

2010 has been more than phenomenal. I can’t say it enough. I can not thank everyone enough for their support and input. Through this boost in traffic and exposure, I feel confident re opening my very first sub division. ♥

How is Hemp Bath different? After developing and perfecting three essential products, Gentle Hemp oil Soap, Hemp Silk Shampoo and Hemp Satin Body Cream, I have then been able to focus primarily on my fragrance blends. One of my most FAVORITE things to do is hand blend scents. I *see* fragrances. When I smell something my head fills with swirls of color and vibrant imagery. Synesthesia much?

Hemp Bath is an outlet for me to take what I love (again!) and turn it into something new and different. I have a Product Information page which goes into detail about the three avaiable skin care formulas and from there you get to jump right into choosing your scent! From Aquatic to Earthy, I have covered every angle on the scent wheel and only plan on expanding my blending abilities!

Hemp Bath is very different from Luxury Lane Soap in that I am tapping into a different part of myself. Luxry Lane Soap is very visually based, a place where I can perfect my molding techniques, I can work my hands at organic cold process products and I can offer something for everyone. From every member in the family to all of your friends!

Hemp Bath
is something new in that it focuses on the individual. On YOU. Reading scent descriptions, layering different scents to produce your own individual tastes, exploring complex blends to single notes, it is 100% based on what you want.

So, why Hemp Oil for body care?
“With regular use, Hemp Oil can help slow down the effects of skin aging, while reducing skin discomfort by soothing and restoring dry or damaged skin. Leaving the skin smooth and moisturized, it as been shown to relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and even acne.

These healing enzymes and vitamins can be absorbed directly into the skin to replenish missing oils, without leaving a greasy residue.”

Looking for even more information? I am working on a Hemp Bath FAQ! Any questions you have that aren’t yet answered? Do let me know and I can add information right away.

As with Luxury Lane Soap, I want to develop Hemp Bath around my friends and customers! ANY suggestions, any scent blends you are looking for, anything, do not hesitate to ask. ♥

Thank you for your continued support. For your love, your tweets, your high fives and for reading my mushy blog. *squeeeeeze*

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