Free Soap Friday! #CleanMe

Long time no blog! Welcome back everyone! ♥ Now that we are all here….

I am giving away free soap! Really? Yes. Really. Last Friday I gave away 25 NES Controller Soaps without any process and thanks to @chibi_missy we now have a process!

So, how do you acquire said free soap? So very glad you asked!

Simply tweet a link with your favorite item from and tell me WHY I should send you that item FOR FREE! ALSO (this is very important…) Please hash tag your tweet #CleanMe . Thats it! The top ten tweets will receive their item of choice!

You don’t have to follow me on twitter, you don’t have to @KyleeLane, you don’t even have to like me (though you should, because I like you…) BUT I do accept bribes in the form of extreme flattering and undivided loyalty.

You can tweet as many items and as many times as you like! I am looking for fun, creative answers this time around. It IS Friday after all…I will even give you a tweet example! I want this because it would get me laid. #CleanMe” (Feel free to use URL shortening when posting links so you have more characters to be clever with)

I will be RTing your tweets all day Friday and DMing the winners! ♥ Ready…set…GO!

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6 Responses to Free Soap Friday! #CleanMe

  1. Katherine says:

    This promotional offer is not available for Employees or Contractors of LuxuryLaneSoap. That would be me! Why? Because I already GET lots of free soap? Why? Because Kylee Loves Me Best.


    KYLEE is the BEST.

  2. Melissa says:

    Holy crap, now I feel special for being mentioned! I'm happy to help! Does this technically make me a contractor? 😉

  3. Chronic Geek says:

    Like whoa! How awesome of you. 🙂 <3

  4. Anonymous says:

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