Facebook…now what?

Luxury Lane Soap now has an *official* Facebook fan page. Woo yay! Much thanks to @geekwithsoul for making me get my bum in gear on the FB project…

So…now what do I do with it? In my last blog I had wrote about the need to expand and grow into the next phase of business and marketing. Facebook feels like part of the natural evolution of things (like ten years ago…) and I just want to make sure I am posting content that people (you!) find valuable and useful. I know the whole FB fan page thing is not new, or really even trendy anymore (or is it?) but I need a middle ground.

Honestly, this is the only analogy I can think of…It’s late and I will probably edit this in the morning. ( I didn’t…do enjoy my crazy talk…)

Twitter is like dating. You meet some crazy people and some really nice people and some really nice crazy people. You develop friendships…and sometimes you just have to click block.

Blogging is like being married. It feels lasting. Solid. It is your home, a place you feel comfy, a place that is yours. Annnd sometimes the mere thought of blogging gives you a headache.

Facebook has more commitment than tweeting but less than blogging. A good middle ground to run around and play. Like going out for lunch with your Mom…wait…more like playing volley ball with a group of friends…no, that’s not it either…Facebook is a place where we all pay our own tabs. We aren’t having constant chit chat, and we aren’t spending paragraphs making a point…We are visiting and saying hello.

Did I nail it? Does that sound right?

So, what do YOU want to see on the new Luxury Lane Soap fan page? I do plan on linking press throwbacks and giving shout outs to the people who helped me grow. I am still in awe of the world wide support and can never say thank you enough. Ever. (What? You thought you were going to get through an entire blog with out me getting mushy??)

I also plan on featuring new products as they arrive to the shop. I know a lot of you follow me on twitter, read my blog AND already follow my personal FB AND business fan page (+10 for the creepy stalkers!!) and I just don’t want to overload you with repetitive information.

Suggestions? How in the world to people manage all of these things without being rude and while keeping things…personal and meaningful?

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