Emergency Broadcast System

While searching for images to post with this blog in regards to how much I hate the #FailWhale…I came across this glorious picture:

Which lead me to THIS BLOG

Which made me realize it really isn’t the whales fault at all.

It is how the Government takes over and deletes something we aren’t suppose to know. Right now, some one just tweeted something we NEED to know. Some vital clue to what is really going on. She just had her front door thrown in and is now being black bagged. Drug off, kicking and silently screaming while her neighbor sits reading the paper…no, no wait, watching TV, wondering WHY Angela Jolie wants to have another baby and get fat AGAIN?

I’m not paranoid. Really. Just very well informed.

*notices her tin foil hat should probably be re-designed…*

I wonder if it actually IS zombies this time? Somewhere in some remote place there was just an outbreak and the dieing are grasping for anyway to contact the outside world. Twitter!!! People need to know! Hurry! Blood everywhere! National Level EBS

Maybe I need to just go back to bed and wait….

**I came back to add that I’ve got the #BoobieWed avatar taken care of. Seems to have fixed everything on Twitter. *whew*

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