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Fruit instead of ice cream??

Yesterday Starla came home from school with more energy than needed… So I thought we would walk to the grocery store…And to my amazement, my little girl pick buying fruit over ice cream. Plus ten for me! I’m trying to lose weight (who isn’t?) so the fruit change is a nice one…Although I still polished off dinner with a King Size Nutrageous…However! Starla and I went on our first bike ride together yesterday, after our fruit feast ♥
Trent on the other hand, he refused the fruit AND the playing outside and just wanted to “study” Star Wars. He just turned four in August and can’t read yet, but he sure fakes it pretty well! (And yeah, that couch is seriously awesome…)

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I have been a smoker for nearly half of my life now. Wow. I swore when I turned 25 I would quit. I turned 25 almost six months ago… Last Friday, April 17th, I came across a website and it honestly inspired me to quit smoking. I mean, I have been trying to quit for six months now…but for the first time, I felt empowered to quit. So I made it through Saturday, Sunday AND Monday without smoking. I drank a lot of fluids (they say drinking juice helps) but cracked yesterday and smoked…however, I’ve made it through today smoke free! (Little bit of an update…I totally broke and got into an argument and smoked. *sigh* But I am trying again and taking each day as it comes!)

I’ve never smoked in my house, around my kids, in the car with the kids…yeah, I’ve made it that difficult to smoke and I smoked on average five to ten cigarettes a day. I never smoked while I was pregnant, either. One would *think* quitting would be easy…No. Not at all. At night I get extreme headaches and I can’t sleep. I’ve gained weight already and my stomach has the worst pains when I wake in the morning. It sucks. Rory says it will pass, and I know eventually it will, but it hurts. It seriously hurts. I try to justify in my head that smoking only one at night would be okay, but I know even that one single smoke will keep the cycle going.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like not craving a cigarette, or even thinking about one during times of boredom and stress. Smoking is my five minutes of ME time…my five minutes where no one will bother me…See, there I go, trying to justify it again…

I’ve talked to my daughter about smoking and instead of hiding my struggle, I have talked to her about what smoking can do to you and what it feels like to be addicted. She is a wonderful inspiration, telling me she knows I can quit and congratulating me when I make it through the entire day smoke free. ♥


And he can’t even read yet…

My son, Trent, is IN LOVE with Star Wars. It is quit admirable to see a four year old devoted to something with such an in depth and complicated story line. Trent can name the characters, ships, weapons… I have to admit, I think Rory has nudged his son down this path a bit…Regardless, the past few mornings, Trent has been “reading” Star Wars Insider magazines (from the early 1990’s) and it is SO cute how carefully he turns each and every page…I imagine his father read through these magazines much in the same way. ♥

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The New Soccer Mom

I have been meaning to start a blog for my children for years now… I’ve envied those Mommies who have been blogging about their children since birth, having digital records of nearly every day and every month in the life of their child(ren). I guess I just never felt like I had an appropriate “theme”. Yes, being a mother in its self is “theme” enough, but I wanted to offer more. Some sort of insight, some glimpse into…*blank*….

Then it hit me… and I felt ridiculous it didn’t hit me sooner. I am the new “Soccer Mom”. At least that’s what I get called. I am a part of the new generation of Tattooed Mommies, the Independent Thinking Mommies.

My name is Kylee Lane and my husband, Rory, and I have two amazing, entertaining children. Our daughter, Starla, is seven and very independent in a “I want to be in charge” kind of way, outgoing and tough. While our son, Trent, is four and very quiet, independent in a “I want to be left alone so I can play quietly in this corner” kind of way, and a hands down “Mommas Boy”.

Those are our kids. As for us, Rory and I have been together since High School. Yeah, yeah High School love story…not really. We have had our bumps and rough patches here and there, but rather than have grown apart from each other, we have grown closer together. I can honestly say I love my husband more and more everyday. Seeing the things he does for this family and how hard he works…The world is running short of men like him.

I think there has been a negative stigma surrounding Alternative Parents. Parents who aren’t raising their children by the book, parents that feel they have something to prove…And these parents are blogging about it!


UPDATE///IDK like three years later? 12.6.13 Oh man I am a dork. Yeah, so I am getting back into writing so I am going back over old posts and I am sorry for…nothing. I am pretty pumped I have this digital scrapbook. I turn 30 years old tomorrow. Boooiiiiiiiiii!

You guys ruined the internet. Now that blogging is so popular, I am really reluctant to go back it. Why do YOU care what the heck I have to say? I am never going to sell add space so traffic is irrelevant to me.

If you happen to read this, could you tell me why you are here in the comments? Really really.