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64 Horror Movies

Before you do anything else, go subscribe to hatinhand’s YouTube channel. Flawless editing.

Seriously. I have watched this about ten times, I love it so much.

I grew up watching horror movies and sadly, a large portion of what I grew up with (primarily creature films) aren’t here. Regardless, this is worthy on the principal that I really like cussing love horror films.


**CHAPTER ONE (Haunted Houses & Ghost Stories)**
The Amityville Horror (2005)
The Awakening
Dawn of the Dead
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
The Eye
The Haunting (1963)
The Haunting in Connecticut
The Orphanage
Paranormal Activity 2
The Shining
Shutter Island
Silent Hill
The Uninvited
The Ward
White Noise
The Woman in Black

**CHAPTER TWO (Angels & Demons)**
Drag Me To Hell
End of Days
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Exorcist
Lost Highway
The Ninth Gate
The Omen
The Prophecy
The Rite
Sleepy Hollow

**CHAPTER THREE (Killers & Slashers)**
30 Days of Night
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
The Crazies
Dead Silence
Don’t Look Now
Friday the 13th (1980)
Friday the 13th (2009)
Halloween (1978)
Halloween (2007)
Hannibal Rising
The Hitcher
Psycho (1960)
Red Dragon
Red Eye
The Reeds
The Ring
Scream 4
Shutter Island
Silence of the Lambs
The Strangers
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
When a Stranger Calls (2006)


Yours, Kylee


Social Media, Not Really.

The power of social media is…

No. Wait.

Genuinely be interested in the people around you.

I have read a multitude of articles on how to use social media and how not to use it. How to market yourself, how to sell your wares…blah blah blah.

A few days ago I was scrolling through twitter and I came across Craig. He used the hashtag #wordmongering and it caught my attention. Gave him a virtual highfive and carried on with my day. Next morning, another minor social interaction and then I decided to be the creeper I am and google stalk. Well, it turns out Craig is an author and he wrote a book of short stories called “Not Before Bed.”

Side note: I cussing love short-story horror. The instant gratification. The fast coming, intense high from the immeditate fear or a twist ending. I really like it. *cough*

So I decide to read Craig’s book, after I finally get the Kindle app on my iPad2. I buy his book off Amazon and I read it in two nights.

Pile of beautiful books.

Remember when we use to hold these?

Pause. I just went out of my way to find his book only to discover I couldn’t read it instantly w/o an app. I did not buy my ipad to read. I install said app, along with the Amazon app, pay money for the digital download and now I have what he wrote in my hands. All in about 3 minutes. Thank you, Future.

Now, really, I just sat down to write what I personally thought of the Craig’s stories — but a long post that would not make. Personally, I am not educated enough to ever write a review. I don’t understand the rules of grammar and make love to spell check hourly. However, some words on my experience…

“Not Before Bed” was written in the same manner I speak in my head. A few moments weren’t very clear to me; some movement was hard for me to visualize. But I feel my life bar went up a few notches for having read these stories. I DID read them before bed — in bed actually — and seriously, the story “Sarah and the Monster” scared the shit out of me. However, I wanted to be scared. I also wanted to be in the story.

What Craig wrote played into exactly what I wanted. Instant gratification. I work 14 hour shifts and as much as I want to read, I can’t right now as I grow my business. Short stories are my only indulgence and this set of stories nailed it.

What should you take away from this? (other than the fact that I cannot stay on topic) It’s this — if you have something, anything to offer — you want to be a writer, a crafter, go into business…do it. Simply put what you love out there and people will find it. Put a link in your profile and carry on with your day. Be genuine and genuine people will seek out what you do and who you are. It really is that simple.

One hashtag in a forever stream of tweets and I now have the writings of another person forever in my head. Technology aiding to the simplicity of just being. So I ask, what have you always wanted to contribute, anything creative your are working on right now? As always, I would love to hear in the comments below.

Yours, Kylee Lane

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Another Year

20120107-233954.jpg Hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday Season full of sweet treats and epic squees of joy.

We stayed very busy with work and very sick kids until a few days before Christmas where we just shut the doors, turned off the phones, hung blankets over the windows and watched movies and snuggled. Kids slept in until almost 10am on Christmas morning…which was the best gift they could have given us…

Next year will be our first Christmas in the new house so we spent a fair amount of time reflecting on our journey to buying said house. As most of you know, right now we are living (and running the business) above a garage in our future backyard. There was no space for a tree or decorations, though the kids did manage to draw and decorate plenty. Rory and I decided not to buy gifts for each other anymore (Holidays, birthdays, our anniversary…) and put all of our money into a savings account. As the gift-less year came to an end, we were (and still are) both pretty happy. Of course we bought the kids their usual assortment of jammies, books and art supplies for Christmas morning, but deciding not to gift each other has actually relieved a bit of stress…so we just make out more.

So another year has come and gone. 2012 looks like it is going to be loaded with a multitude of personal and professional changes, from a new home to a new work studio, new websites to new appilances, this will be the year we finally start living our real lives. …because you know, everything up until this point was just practice and learning, right?

From my family to you and yours, much love and well wishes for a kick-ass 2012. ♥

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It doesn’t have to hurt.

First. I am posting NO links to the asshat who bashed con goers, or to ‘the magazine’. I know how unique visits work. So if you have NO idea what I am talking about,consider yourself lucky and carry on…Oh! look! A kitty!

For the rest of you, you know what I am talking about. I first heard about the travesty via

My gut response was this (as commented on @NicoleWakelin blog)

Number one reason why I have raised my kids to not be assholes…We are literally that family totally lost in a different world. Every weekend our home becomes the Enterprise, a TARDIS…the Death Star.My children even choose to sleep in cots because it fits better with where their imaginations are taking them that night. The beginning of every movie starts with us shouting “ENGAGE!” and my kids are more concerned with costume details over what they are wearing to school…

With all of THAT being said, my kids get picked on A LOT. I do not teach them to ignore it. I teach them about empathy. Feeling sad for the ignorant children at school who don’t have parents who love them enough to dress in character or explain homework in the voice of a Dalek.

WE give people the power to hurt us. Whoever wrote this article is a very sad and shallow person and personally, I don’t feel hurt by the article, and as a culture I don’t think any of us should. I am proud that those REAL con costumers are on our team.

(End my awesome response)

I thought Nicole articulated the situation very well. After a lot of searching on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and general Google searches, I started to feel sad. Not because of the article in question, but because of how WE are responding.

After reading outrages all over the internet, I honestly have to sit back and ask myself “Why?” WHY are we still letting these people hurt us? WHY are we still willing to lower ourselves to their level? WHY are we having internet tantrums, instead of saying “Fuck it. I am going to dress as Batman today in honor of the fact the I AM AN ADULT and can do such things if I want.”

I know it hurts. Been there, done that…But WHY, as a united group of intelligent, overweight, underweight, inside-out weight, beautiful faces, are we STILL letting it hurt us?

You can not make everyone think like us. That is part of what makes us unique. Don’t waste your time bashing some ass who has no idea what he is talking about. Celebrate who you are. Some of those people in the photos genuinely were overweight/underweight. You are too. So am I. It got pointed out…The end and clearly proving the intelligence level and originality of the writer.

Instead of giving MORE attention to the magazine, bust out your con photos and get to writing about the freaking awesome people you see at these conventions! Write a blog about how to craft costumes. Write a blog about how liberated you are by the fact you buy groceries in a Star Fleet uniform (*cough*). Litter our geek propaganda all over the place! Convert the youth! TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Just do so in a polite and respectful fashion. We knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be our shiny six packs that made us powerful, but our brains and unlimited trivia knowledge.

Now. For your enjoyment and for actually getting all the way through my rantish blog, this is how I am making the world a better place.


I fail at blogging.

…and that is why I am one of the very last people with a blogger account…Eventually we are shuffling ourselves over to WordPress, but just like blogging itself, I doubt it will be anytime soon.

I was looking at some blogging stats and there are hundreds of people poking around in this blog daily. (Hi! *waves*) It hit me, I should probably add some content/updates/product info for you mighty fine blog readers to go crazy with! Woo! Party time!

Yeah…I’ve got nothing and need sleep. However, I do actually have a pretty awesome announcement tomorrow that, hopefully, will make you love me more. ♥

(This was me attempting to just sit down and freestyle blog, whatever that means…)



What’s happening at Luxury Lane Soap?

For the last couple of months things like blog posts, product development, hanging out and hugging has been sporadic and minimal…How come?

The house I wrote about back in October of last year? (What happened with house hunting) We cussing signed on that baby this week!! After months and months of trying to see if we could even afford a new location for our family and the business…our signatures are finally down on that magical piece of paper they call a contract.

After looking and looking for a building for Luxury Lane Soap and a separate house for us and the kids, we stumbled across a property that will combine both!! A historical mansion built in 1917…Yeah. I just said that. While searching and searching the internet for historical information on this house, we crossed this listing: Fairhill

The listing in the link above is pretty old and it isn’t even linked from the original realtor’s site, but you get a pretty good idea. The square footage listed is wrong and doesn’t include the 990 square foot ballroom on the third floor or full basement. (YES! BALLROOM! W/ original bandstand!) That is the new Luxury Lane Soap location! A full floor to create and grow the business! FINALLY! For the last year, since Soap in Carbonite went viral, we have converted our current kitchen and dinning room into a production and shipping facility. We haven’t even been able to sit down at a table together, as a family, since last summer…

We have worked so hard for this and it is finally happening, for reals! We still have thirteen more weeks until our possession date and we are in the process of selling our current home (2 story, three bedroom, 1.5 bath…interested?) So we have a crazy few months ahead of us for sure…

Unfortunately, this also means I am going to have to cut my convention tour short. I will be at StarFest this year and either GenCon or DragonCon. Though my prime goal for Fall this year is to get over to Indy to see the new Karpiuk baby! *SO EXCITED* However, I will not be joining everyone for SDCC this year. This is where I met so many of you, and having gone a full year as a friends “IRL,” I really wanted to be able to connect again this summer. ANY and ALL of you are more than welcome to hop over here and help us move in June, if you’d like. 😀 SLUMBER PARTAY!

And for the mushy part, your favorite part… Honestly, THIS could not have happened for us without you guys. I can not even begin to express what that means to me. You all helped Luxury Lane Soap take over the internet. Really. I can’t even put it into words proper like. This
is what we do for a living, we make soap. From product conception (heehee) to development to debut, you all support what we do from start to finish.

Thank you.

Our first step is to get marketing ramped up which means I will be posting more product links and generally keeping my twitter stream business related. (But not totally *wink*) I need as much help as possible these next few months spreading the word of Luxury Lane Soap! Without convention income, we will be solely depending on online sales.

Also!! I wanted to ask all of you who have tweeted pictures of your orders, if you could be mega awesome and start getting them on the Luxury Lane Soap FB page either directly, emailing them to me or by tagging us in them. I am going to move some over that I have and if they are ones you took, please feel free to tag yourself in them!! ♥

So yes. New house, business expansion and I love you. THIS BIG! Really. I will keep everyone updated on our progress with the house as much as possible. On a personal level and business level, you are all a huge part of this and I send out mega squeezes.Back of the house

Two Story Cottage

Ink Me

I HATE the word *ink* but use it all the time. #personalFAIL

Twitter usually fuels the subjects I blog about. Today was no different. Today, class, we are going to come clean on the subject of tattoos.

While poking around on I came across the most awesome cookies ever, made by @geeksweettweets. While reading the Geek Sweets Blog I ran into these sweet freaking Irish Whiskey cupcakes which then lead me to There I saw hamburger cupcakes and immediately tweeted at my internet crush •GEEK•LEE•TIST• that him and I needed matching hamburger cupcake ink. From there the ball was rolling and I have been talking ink with people all day. However, I have also dealt with some punks on the subject…

Let me make it very clear that this is NOT a rant blog. Just prefacing my next paragraph…

The Dms started rolling in…WHY would you get a hamburger tattoo? Are you crazy? Why would you get a matching tattoo with an internet crush? How could you do this to your body? AHHH!

blink blink

I then took a nap.

After waking up, I find that my good ‘net friends are STILL talking about ink! This pleases me. I enjoy my friends on the internet. However, DM haters are always gonna hate.

I have A LOT of tattoos. I post a fair amount of them in this flicker album. (#vain) Though I haven’t updated these pictures for almost a year…You will see that I do indeed have some random tattoos.

Why? Shouldn’t something you put on your body have some grand, epic, undying meaning? Shouldn’t it have years of thought behind it? For some people, yes. For me, no.

I put on my body what inspires me at that time in my life. I enjoy living in the moment. When I look at my tattoos I see page markers. Things that make me smile.

In 2010, most of my ink was Star Trek related. I spent that entire year of my life watching every single episode of Star Trek with my husband and kids. (TOS to DS9, in order, as most of you already know. #BraggingRights) Hours and hours of my life spent falling in love all over again with Star Trek and watching my babies experience all of that Trek, for the very first time, with wide eyes. In twenty years when I see that ink I will think, hot damn, what a great year.

When I got the tattoos, they were VERY spontaneous. Usually when I have an idea, I have it put on me with in 48 hrs. Thank goodness I (now) have an amazing artist who thinks the way I think.

From safety pops on my shoulder to a six inch hello kitty on my chest to confessing my love for Boba Fett, everything on my body has been very spontaneous, but that is how I live. Joy inducing tattoos are not any less valid to me.♥

I do have the most 80’s metal dragon on my leg and sigh yes, I have flames on my arm… THAT was an interesting year…

What do YOU have? What do you want? Share share share in the comments below!!