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Product Spotlight: Mediterranean Salt Scrub – Intense Healing

Mediterranean Salt Scrub • Intense Healing

Mediterranean Salt Scrub • Intense Healing

This is not just a scrub. This is a serious moisture surge of intense healing for cracked feet, sore hands and dry, patchy skin. Fresh blended with certified pure essential oils to heal and calm.

What it is… A moisturizing blend of botanical infused avocado oil and nourishing sea salts. Ultra rich in minerals, these gentle exfoliating components help remove dead, flaky cells and revitalize your skin while citrus essential oils soothe.

Why Avocado Oil? An extremely good moisturizing skin nutrient, assisting in regeneration and rejuvenation. A natural emollient rich in vitamin E that nourishes and revives without clogging pores.

Why Mediterranean Sea Salt? Produced using the ancient method of solar evaporation and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in a region that is free of pollution and has high evaporation rates. One of the purest salts in the world.

Mediterranean Salt Scrub • Intense Healing

Mediterranean Salt Scrub • Intense Healing

To Use: Massage onto dry skin and rinse well with warm water. Will cause tub “slippy-ness” so please use with caution. Do not use on broken skin or delicate facial tissue.

Absolutely Free of All:
• Parabens or Formaldahydes
• Sodium Sulfates (SLS) or Detergents
• Propylene or Butylene Glycols
• GMO or Triclosan or Alcohol
• Animal bi-products or testing

Approximately 6 oz / 170 g

YOU have a chance to win one! Luxury Lane Soap is giving away a full size Mediterranean Salt Scrub to two lucky winners. Easy entry below. Good Luck! Closed! Thank you to all who entered!

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Celebrating the gift of handmade!

Run in! Run out!

As a mom and a small business owner, I understand as well as anyone how hard it is to choose between buying things that are good and buying things that are good for my wallet. While we all want to be able to support small, independent businesses, let’s face it…it is a lot cheaper to drop into a WalMart, grab a generic gift and walk out.

And it’s because of this understanding that I have struggled with pricing when it comes to Luxury Lane Soap since pretty much the very first bars of soap I sold. I want to be able to distribute my products with as small as profit margin as possible, but I do have bills to pay and my materials certainly don’t ever get less expensive. Now, I could go a different route, and reduce prices by lowering quality or selling huge wholesale bulk lots (a fat wholesale account would be nice!)…but that’s just not my way or who I am. And seriously, that would just rob me of the fun and satisfaction I get from doing this.

These past few weeks I have been approached multiple times by retailers looking to distribute Luxury Lane Soap. They all want the same thing…to buy my products at a 50% to 65% discount for resale. The awesome part of wholesale is that you get a chunk of money at once and more people get a chance to try one of my products. The un-awesome part? I still make everything, by hand, one at a time and the strain from large wholesale delays all of my customer’s orders…plus working at a 50% discount means I am working for free. Seriously. Free. (True story…when I produce custom work for large corporations, it’s not just free as in only covering the cost of my materials — since the cost of my labor isn’t included, I am essentially paying them for the work. Bogus.) This is all compounded by the fact that I have kept my prices low. If I was willing to charge more for individual orders, than that discount for wholesale orders wouldn’t eat away any profit. But you know what…no. I haven’t done it before and I won’t start now.

From day one, and I have written about this numerous times, I decided to not become a production plant. While there is good money in selling high volume, low quality products, I feel there is better long-term money and satisfaction in quality and customer service.

So, this is what I have decided to do…

Instead of working to get my products on retail shelves this holiday season, the discount is going directly to my customers. Rather than invest in commercial distribution, I am investing in my own company.

The Millennium Falcon

Reduced to $3.99

Oh, Kylee. You get so cliche’…

No, really, hear me out.

All current products hovering around the $5 range have been reduced to $3.99 and new items are being crafted and created weekly. With this particular price point in mind, I set out to continue my line of superior quality products, and sell them at a lower price due to the ease of production, supply surplus and multitasking compatibility. Most items in the $3.99 Gift Collection include a custom gift tag made of recycled library catalog cards. (Coolest gift tag ever!)

It all came down to me asking myself why should I give my time to a retailer when I can give my time to YOU?! ♥

So, Luxury Lane Soap is challenging every indie business to design at least one low-priced, high-quality product to sell this year to make gift giving easier for everyone. Not only will it get you business, but at least for me, I’ve found I love the challenge of designing products with some constraints and still making them awesome!

Send me a link to your item and we will showcase it from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the highest selling days of the year for almost every single company out there.

This isn’t about price points or profit margins though. For me, this is about showing how “handmade” or “hand-crafted” makes for stronger businesses, happier customers, and a little bit more awesome in the world. As I’ve always said (and it’s on the Luxury Lane Soap Company Philosophy page):

“Being a small, local community company affords me the ability to turn all of my profits back into Luxury Lane Soap for safe ingredients and practices. I have no stock holders to appease. My company is for my customers.

So whether you’re looking for a reasonable gift for someone you love this holiday season, or an indie business looking to stay true to your roots, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the gift that is handmade!


Weekly Recap – 7/29/12 to 8/04/12

All New and Updated Products! 

Organic Artisan Soap

Organic Artisan Soap

Organic Artisan Soap AND Giveaway • You have a chance to win one of four $25 Gift Certificates to PLUS your choice of any available Artisan Organic Soap!

Mini Fragrance Sampler •  Now you can try any & every one of my custom fragrances!

Organic Artisan Soap • Travel Quarters Soggy soap no more with these smaller, travel friendly cuts!

Mini Fragrance Samplers

Mini Fragrance Samplers


Mega Shaving Soap  • In seven awesome scents!

Hemp Spooks Festive Soap SetIt’s never too early for Halloween…

Festive Fall Collection • It has begun! More designs added weekly.

Whipped Up Sugar Scrub • Now in giant double jars with new scents!


8/04/2012 Saturday Night Cinema w/ The Lanes


All New Organic Artisan Soap

They are finally ready! The new batches of Artisan Organic Soap. Newly blended with rich ingredients, unique to each hand blended fragrance. From Lemongrass herbs to Black Walnut powder, aromatic essential oils of Anise through Ylang Yalng, these soaps are drenched in fresh botanicals and crystal floral waters. (Descriptive words are my forte, second to soap making, of course.)

Mega conditioning and supremely gentle. Handcrafted in modestly small, cold-process batches from scratch, with only the purest, sustainable organic ingredients to nourish and indulge your skin. Lather. Rinse. Love your epidermis.

Absolutely Free of All:
Parabens or Formaldahydes • Sodium Sulfates (SLS) or Detergents • Propylene or Butylene Glycols • GMO or Triclosan or Alcohol • Animal bi-products or testing

Now weighing 5 ounces and measuring 2.5″ x 3.25″ x 1″, these soaps have been formulated to stay harder, longer.  (No dirty jokes please, this is soap after all.) However, as always, to increase your soaps longevity, always keep dry when not in use, wire and wood soap dishes work wonders. (I am currently seeking a partnership with another hand crafter to produce a line of soap dishes. Please contact me if you are interested or know somwone who would be!)

Black LicoriceBag End
Blueberry Royale
Cider House
Citrus Chai Tea
Green Sea
Good Karma
Key Lime Cupcake
Pure Spearmint
Spiced Rum
Sundry Cotton
Sunrise Grapefruit
Sweet Cinnamon
Vanilla Lace
Victorian Corset




Indeed we are hosting a giveaway! This time you have a chance to win one of four $25 Gift Certificates to PLUS your choice of any available Artisan Organic Soap. ♥ It is super simple and we are going to use Rafflecopter again as it was voted easiest and most efficient last week.

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Good luck!

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Weekly Recap – 7/15/12 to 7/28/12

These last two weeks have been pretty slow and there really isn’t much to report. Essentially I want this entry here so I have notes on all weeks. Pretty thrilling, huh?

New things are happening in the Luxury Lane Laboratory and while it is immensely exciting, it is also incredibly taxing. During the summer, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on task with the kids continually needing to be fed and cared for. (When does school start again??) We have also had family coming and going which means any free time I have (Ha!) gets eaten by that damn deep cleaning of the house. You know, because what if someone actually looked under a bed?

So, what to look for in the coming weeks ahead? Giant versions of your most favorite Whipped Up Sugar Scrubs, TWENTY new Organic Artisan Soaps, newly reformulated hair care and gift certificate giveaways. See? I really have been mega busy…

And now…the coolest thing I have ever seen.

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Hello there, Winners.

Bam!! The winners for last week’s gift card giveaway!
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Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! I received some wonderful (and helpful!!) feedback.

P.S. You get extra love for filling out the survey below.

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My Heart Belongs to Colorado Today

After spending the week prepping for Mega Business Friday, I want to put it out there that everything is on hold until Monday. As posted on the Luxury Lane Soap facebook page:

“We are going silent today for Colorado. All business announcements are on hold until Monday. Shipping and production will continue as scheduled, however, networking is on hold as we take time to hug our family and friends. Please take today and spend some extra time loving those you care about.” 

Now, on a personal note…

I am completely stunned right now. Read: Theater Shooting

Some of the people I care most about in the world live in Colorado. From my oldest friend (Yes you, Courtney ♥) to my newest crushes, Colorado holds a lot of love from me. Words can not form in a way which could express the sheer panic when I heard the news because this is the kind of event the majority of my friends WOULD have attended. It hurts. It hurts knowing these people I love could have been taken away forever. People I only get to see once, twice if I am lucky, during the long stretch of a 365 day year.

Nothing I say can fix what has happened. There is a lot of pain happening for a lot of people right now and for the first time ever, I feel like I have been punched in the stomach with a chainsaw.

I am sending so much love to all of you right now. Words are just simply not enough today.