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#TheLaneLab Update – August

I haven’t updated in about a month because WE ARE ROCKING IT!!!

Now that the kids are back in school, I will be able to update regularly again, so I wanted to know how often do you want to see building/product updates? As Contributors, I feel it is very important for you to have the easiest access point for information but at the same time I’m afraid of overwhelming you with said information. (Daily updates on Instagram #TheLaneLab for building and #LuxuryLaneSoap for products.)

CONTRIBUTOR PERK UPDATES – Perks are moving slower than I had anticipated *surprise!*, please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Postcards ($5) SENT 7-15-14

PenPal ($10) This one is seriously taking a million times longer than I thought it would. Would you guys be cool if I turned this into a seasonal thing and sent in monthly batches?

Summer Theme SENT 8-1-14

Back to School Theme 9-1-14

Halloween Theme 10-1-14

Thanksgiving Theme 11-1-14

Snow & Stuff 12-1-14

Just send me a text (712-229-9115) or email ( or social media me (@KyleeLane) if there is a certain mailing group you would like to be a part of! This will be a perk that stretches until the end of the year.

Organic Shave Set ($20) SENT 7/15

Lumpin’ Love ($25) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Everything is Awesome ($30) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Limited Edition Color Set ($40) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Bonus $10 ($50) SENT 7/03

Personal Batch ($75) In Production – Batches are shipping the first half of September, based on curing progress.

Blue Box Special ($100) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Smuggler’s Haul ($100) Scheduled to ship by 8/31

Color Subscription ($150) July Box – SENT / August Box scheduled to ship 8/25

Six Months of Luxury Lane Soap ($250) July Box – SENT / August Box scheduled to ship 8/25

STUDIO BUILD UPDATE – The final wall will be down this week and we’ve started the plumbing. Electrical starts next week and we are hoping (without any unforeseen issues) that flooring will be moved in early/mid September. I have been very hesitant to assign a specific finish deadline because for one, I know my husband and he won’t sacrifice quality of work for time. Secondly, we are working with 1,000 square feet in a 100 yr old structure. There have already been a few surprises which Rory has been documenting for you all. Anything in particular you would like to see, as always, just let us know!

So much love, Kylee

How Soap is Born

I get asked a lot about how soap is made and it only takes about 30 seconds of me talking about saturated fat ratios and experimental lye to water temp testing before your eyes have glazed. (Btw, I have been able to pull off a 163 degree lye solution and a 98 degree oil mixture with a beautiful 126 degree pour temp. Perfect gel without insulation, in silicone, every single time.)

So! This is how I make soap! Yay!

First we measure raw vegetable butters and oils into magical, totally scientific ratios. Different oils will produce different star features of the soap.


20140717-115605.jpgLye*. It’s scary as heck. It is going to force our oil/butter combination into submission resulting in a transformation of epic proportions. Distilled water is going to ask the lye to tone it down a notch. (No lye is left in the remaining soap once cure is complete, it is merely the vehicle for saponification, the magic that makes soap.)20140717-120238.jpg

20140717-115634.jpgWhen the warm lye solution hits the organic solution non-literal sparks fly. It’s like they are tongue kissing and a new form emerges. Confident and thick. Oh sweet beautiful, Trace. This is when I add the fragrance or essential oil. Since I work at such high combination temps this entire process takes about 4 minutes. No room to fuck anything up, at all.20140717-120015.jpg

Thanks to making our stretch goal, I was able to upgrade my 10 yr old wooden molds to reusable silicone. Plastic coated paper will never be purchased again which saves money and reduces waste. Thank you.IMG_0140


After about 10 hours I unmold the freshly born soap, slice and put into storage for an 8 to 12 week cure. Why do I cure my soap for so long? Soap from scratch, like my Organic Artisan Soap, ages like a fine wine. The scent gets richer, the ingredients have better harmony and the water we used to tame the lye evaporates. I find that my bars start to really peak when they have evaporated no less than 1 full ounce of water, and they keep on getting better. Typically, that takes 8 to 12 weeks depending on the time of year.



And finally it is wrapped up all sexy when ordered and sent to you. Each batch is limited to only eight bars. I like to make a whole bunch of individual batches verses a million of the same thing over and over. If you don’t see your favorite formula, just shoot me the fragrance and batch number and I will make one up, no problem. You will see it on the site in about 8-12 weeks. I may already have it curing. It never hurts to ask! 🙂

20140722-181637.jpgIf you are genuinely interested in learning how to make soap using traditional, olden day methods, I encourage you to learn all you can from reliable sources. Soap requires lye and lye will kick your ass. Here, the Fight Club burn scene:

Or you can just keep purchasing from me, because you already know it’s the best and I’m the toughest.

Have an awesome batch idea? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Kylee



Saturday Summary #2 July 19th 2014

I hope everyone is having a great summer! So many updates. Much chaos. Send candy…

Contributor Perks

  • All Shave Spiral Contributor Perks have SHIPPED!!! Please let me know if you like the scent!! Should I add it to the permanent line? Shampoo perhaps?! (more on shampoo below…)20140717-201021.jpg
  • 6 Months of Luxury Lane Soap Contributor Perks have also shipped! Let me know what you think!
  • Blue Box Special, Smuggler’s Haul and Everything is Awesome Contributor Perks are officially in production! See my progress on instagram via #TheLaneLab
  • Galactic Color Subscription Contributor Perks are shipping this week.
  • Pen Pal Contributor Perks are going out slowly but steadily. I am making each one of you a card, drawing hearts and taking my time writing something just for you. The kids have been helping too so you get an extra punch of awesome right to the heart hole from The Lane Kids.20140705-144340.jpg
  • Personal Batch Contributor Perks are in production and you guys are killing it with your requests! I am formulating in the order I received emails, so if you haven’t heard back from me, no worries, I have your ingredients ordered and the next round of production starts Tuesday July 22nd. (I am also making additional batches for the grand re-opening on August 1st! Those virtual shelves are going to be loaded.)20140717-120311.jpg


  •  We hauled out the first load of dead material from the third floor!! 800 pounds!! Rory is guessing by the end of demolition we will have moved out the weight of an entire car in garbage wall by the time we open the original ballroom.20140717-200418.jpg
  • Last section of wall starts coming down this weekend! It is a good thing we are taking down these walls because we are now seeing the ceiling is having issues we couldn’t see before. These walls are not original so the aren’t any sort of major support walls. After we get the last wall down, Rory is going to see whether or not we have to redo the ceiling. I will cry if we do. Flat out.20140717-200429.jpg

  • New Organic Artisan Soap formulas, scents, and packaging debuting August 1st. Upgrade includes ZERO packaging plastics, tapes or gums and everything is recyclable/biodegrable. #ProTip Reuse the tissue paper and give the best scented gift ever.
  • Shampoo has been reformulated! Every now and again, an ingredient that had been labeled organic looses its certification and I have to scramble to reformulate my products. This is one of the awesome things about small batch crafting, I never buy bulk so I am never stuck with a product I am forced to use because it’s “just on hand”. This means I have an all new formula for you, with the most currently certified ingredients on the market right this second. I know how much you loved the Hemp Silk Shampoo but my raw material supplier decided to switch to less natural ingredient processing processes due to profit loss. Companies get bought out and I am not having any of that noise. The new formula will be released August 1st buuuuuut as a thank you for reading this update, if you would like an adorable one ounce bottle of my new Shine Enhancing Shampoo just shoot me an email, and it’s yours, totally free.




Did you miss Saturday Summary #1?

Saturday Summary #1 July 5th 2014


I asked and you answered.

Welcome to your very first Saturday Summary, which will include all updates from the last week including #TheLaneLab build and perk production.


The “Contributors List” has been compiled! Please give it a look here.

Perk Updates

  • All of “Bonus $10” perks have been emailed! Woo!! Please let me know if you have any issues with your gift certificate code or can’t find the email.
  • Shave Spirals for the “Organic Shave Set” perk are in production and will be shipping this week!
  • Personal Batch” perks will start live production July 14th! Please be sure to check your email and get your formula preferences to me.
  • More Indiegogo Updates

We begin the build! …with a trailer. 

What does this all mean for Luxury Lane Soap?! It means the site will be going to an inventory based selling system. I am in perk production and can not guarantee order times. Right now my top priority is taking care of my contributors. You guys own me until every last perk is out.

But don’t panic!  I will be making extra products during production and will have them for purchase on the site. Once it’s sold out, that’s it, until the grand re-opening August 1st, 2014.

  • Items will be going in and out of stock with little to no heads up. I will be clearing out stock and inventory during the rebuild. Saw something you just have to have? Give me a shout out on twitter or Instagram. @KyleeLane #TheLaneLab
  • I am still trying to figure out the best way to communicate inventory flux with everyone. Find daily updates via hashtag #TheLaneLab on instagram and twitter.

Family Fun

Yay! Pictures!


Coming Soon! See how we made a bit of awesome for the amazing band, Five Year Mission.


While I prepare for new supplies and shuffle inventory, there may be minor (adorable) packaging changes.


Mighty Mango is wearing some sexy new clothes.


Please be aware that Luxury Lane Soap is heat sensitive and will not want to be your friend if left in a hot car or on a sunny porch.

Yeah? Did I do it right? Please let me know in the comments below if this is what you would like to see every Saturday! Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Kylee




The Build Begins #TheLaneLab

While I have been working on perks, Rory has been building sides for his Dad’s trailer so that we can haul our own demolition materials out and haul new building materials in.

It’s about 7 million degrees outside and this guy is wielding in the sun.

Yes. I married a sexy beast.






Even better? The sides were built of out wood he salvaged from the third floor walls that were taken out!20140705-175625.jpg



Dear Internet, These are indeed some very awesome people.

Mega shout out to the following contributors for helping us build The Lane Laboratory! As part of every perk, I will be adding this list of names to for the world to see early next week.

If your name is not spelled correctly or you would like a different “handle”, just let me know and I can change it right away…with my phone…because it’s the future.

I am happy to pop in links to your twitter/facebook, whatever, as long as it isn’t some donk site for something that is super lame.

To those anonymous contributors who remain in the shadows, I am sending you one million of the nicest invisible bum smacks ever. You may re-distribute as you see fit.

AWESOME LIST OF AWESOME PEOPLE …in no particular order. If I try to mess with the order it totally messes up the format and clearing the format doesn’t fix it. So there. 

Nick Tjaden
-Rey Gonzalez
-Katherine Hooper
-William Stone
-Sheelagh Semper
-Jen Sylvia
-Amy Wong
-Charles Bartlett Walls
-Amanda L Gabrilowitz
-Jennifer Zelinski
-Mike Schotte
-Anita Karvé
-Kristen McHugh
-Jen Miller
-Rick Lacy 
-Barbara Kibart
-Glenn Buettner
-Amanda Dieter
-Angie Booth
-Jason Byrne
-Dana Larose
-Anna Roberts
-Richard Jenkinson
-Lisa Fedel
-Chris Spurgin-Bryony Mackey
-Lisa Sheppard
-Roger Weiss III
-Jim Napier
-Sybil Jansen
-Dawn Smith
-Kevin Wells
-Stephanie Addink
-Randy Bush
-Candice Boshart
-Lauren Magee
-Lisa Manglass-Steven Kagler
-Marissa Nolan-Layman
-Beth Kaboth
-Carrie Bland
-Heidi Marteney
-Jenn Freeman
-Tim Wright
-Kara Evans
-Elizabeth Keomala
-Revanche-Jayne Henderson
-Alexis Lane
-Jennifer Lulfs
-Michelle Miller
-Carolyn Buss
-Melissa Beall
-Lauren Piner
-Emily Stephenson
-Ann Lang
-Chris Koontz
-Vicki Dolenga
-Danielle Zukowski
-Natali Heuss
-Chris Moreno
-Joelle Thomas
-Hobbes Velazquez
-Kathleen Hart
-Alexis Carpenter
-Paul Hollingsworth
-Marti Dickinson
-Albion Gould
-Marti Dickinson
-Kathryn Rice
-Rebecca Yasick
-Damin Toell
-Jada Clark
-John Adamus
-Erin Harris Singer
-Rachel Shaw
-Mariann Foster
-Lord Johnson of Grantfyndor House
-Fredrika Baer
-Mary Richardson
-Patti & David Pringle
-Sharon Villegas
-Marc Mirenzi
-Edgar Dapremont
-Bethany Gronberg
-Vanessa Reynolds
-Shahab Zargari
-Robert Gonzalez
-Christine Pesch Richardson
-Elvira Wolk/Pink Sith
-Wayne Clingman
-Melissa Chimel
-Terrence O’Leary
-Emily Cleary
-Gina Makarski
-Jesse Tokarz
-Anna Clutterbuck-Cook
-Suze Howe
-Sabrina Matos
-Katie Doyle
-Kristen Beckcom
-Robert Muhlig
-Sarah Nelson
-Matthew Favazza
-Shirley Hattayer
-Joshua Byrne
-Bridget Byrne

-Janna O’shea
-Shana O’Neil-

Thank You.

All My Love, Kylee

Saturday Update – June 21, 2014

Now that our fundraiser is complete and we kicked it’s butt, it’s time to get this show in the road. Here are a couple of updates for the week!


  • Extended until Saturday, June 28th, 2014! Code ORGANIC gets you 25% off any and all Organic Artisan Soap!
  • Items will be going in and out of stock with little to no heads up. I am clearing out stock and inventory in preparation for the rebuild which starts July 1st. If you saw something you just have to have in the shop and it is now sold out, please let me know and I will do what I can.
  • The Rebuild. We start tearing down walls and rebuilding The Lane Laboratory on July 1st, 2014 with a grand reopening online August 1st, 2014. Watch us build via the #TheLaneLab feed on Instagram. Follow @KyleeLane and (new!) @TheLaneLab20140621-141843.jpg
  • Conventions and Wholesale. Due to the success of our fundraiser, I will not be taking on conventions or wholesale for the rest of 2014 to focus on working one on one with clients while rebranding and expanding my company. I WILL still be taking custom, personal orders though. Contact me with questions.
  • We are testing out a new shipping provider for a couple of weeks. If you have any issues with tracking or confirmation emails, please let me know right away.


I think that covers everything. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Love, Kylee Lane