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I’m trying!!! Today Rory and I shipped forty Soap in Carbonite soaps. *whew* Same goal for tomorrow! (I actually started writing this blog on Monday…it is now Friday…) Just wanted to let everyone know I didn’t take your money and leave the country! Though Canada sounds lovely….

Last week I had posted about how to get a hold of me. I am SO happy that you are indeed, getting a hold of me.

I have actually had a few of you express joy because I am NOT a robot. I am a real person. *waves* (If you were to ask anyone if I have ever posted a no makeup, in my comfy clothes, non edited, messy house background pic, they would instantly tell you no. Go look at my TwitPic See? It is so full of cute…and sarcasm)

Dearest customers, I am doing everything possible to get your orders out the door. I swear to you. PLEASE feel free to nag, email, call, tweet, text…Anything! I can’t always get to replying right away, I am not ignoring you. Sometimes I shower and I would HATE to get my phone wet…Sometimes I sleep…but more than likely, I am in the shower….

I digress.

Customer Service.

The top thing I am noticing from customer inquiries is that the majority of you are shocked I even care. That I am indeed, not a robot. I am going to take a second here and brag. You can check out my rocking Etsy Feedback HERE and HERE Over 1,300 happy transactions.

If I were you I would be pissed I didn’t have my order yet. I am not asking for my customer to just brush this off. I am asking you work with me. Let’s hug it out. I have said it before, and I now say it again, I LOVE what I do. I love making things and I love every single aspect of learning how to run a business with this high of volume. I want everyone to know, ALL SOAPS WILL BE (finally) SHIPPED NEXT WEEK! I kid you not. Haven t gotten your order yet? Oh baaaaby it is coming your way in under seven to ten days. ♥

In all seriousness, Thank you. When you email me telling me you love your orders and you wait for me to finally get on twitter or finally reply to your email…It means so much to me that I am working with friends.

Now, that is enough mush and love for one day. I will be out of town this weekend and *trying* not to work, so I have GOT to PWN this Friday like non other. Really rip this Friday a new one. It also happens to be #FollowFriday on Twitter and I probably wont get to a picture or posts. SO! Go follow everyone I follow and love the cuss out of them.

Again @jeffisageek is rocking my socks off…. He melts me with his kind words. ♥ If you dont follow him, you should. He has the hook ups when it comes to cool.

And could you do me a giant big favor and give some love in the way of
@UberDorkGirlie She is working on the coolest project EVER. Take these surveys. They are quick and painless…you know you are sitting there doing nothing anyway. ♥

Time to get my work on! ♥

Copy Cat

I want everyone to know that I LOVE @GEEKSOAP a.k.a Lesley. Really. Did you know that she was going to debut a similar soap to mine and didn’t? Nope. She had the very same idea as I did, but being the wonderful person that she is, she simply and ever so politely suggested I have the item. Three weeks later this item is the cause of life-changing events for me.

Yesterday was my husbands last night of “work”. He had a shitty job that wasted his talents. But it pays the bills you say! Gasp! Seriously…screw the bills. Yes, yes, I know, I know . . . we all need to pay for our cable, car payments, new toys, new shoes, whatever the TV is telling us is cool.

But the truth is you don’t need all of that shit . . . really, you don’t. However, I am not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on this. I would. I really, really would.

My point.

You never know when one single act of kindness will change someones life.

I make soap. Lesley makes soap. I am going to now pimp Lesley’s soap

I have come across some truly wonderful people in the last year. Which is a good thing, as I have no room in my life for unnecessary negativity. I don’t want to be angry all of the time. I don’t want to hate people. Yes, a lot of things truly piss me off and sometimes they make me so mad I could spit. Spit I tell you! Spitting is gross. It freaks me out. I have a fear of mucus. So, I would prefer not to get that mad…I digress.

Back to my point . . .

Don’t be a jerk. Be nice to people. Stop worrying about how YOU are going to get to the top. Who wants to be up there anywho? I find it is generally full of assholes anyways. Do your own thing and do it with style. What’ll that get you? Well, I have cool tattoos, I am a way hot Soccer Mom. My husband totally wants to do me ALL the time. I make a living doing what I love. Does it get any better? Not really. I am this happy because I CHOOSE TO BE.

So, in summary, this is what Lesley taught me: You never know when one single act of kindness will change someones life.

For the assholes out there, it may already be too late, but the closest translation for you is: Stop being a dick.

P.S. A giant shout out to @geekwithsoul for understanding what I wanted to say. You rule.

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Success in Carbonite

I am writing this in anticipation that you have found my blog due to the fact you emailed me, tweeted me or called me and you got no response. You are feverishly searching for a way to contact me because you want to know why your order hasn’t been confirmed…why you haven’t received your order…what’s going on…AHHH! SOLO SOAP! Where are you? WHERE Kylee?!


I love you.

I swear to each and everyone of you, I am getting to your orders/emails/texts/calls as fast as I can. I am honestly the only person here…so far. (Rory starts working with me full time this week! *jumpsupanddown*)

In the last three weeks alone, I have received nearly 3,000 emails and 3 phone calls regarding Luxury Lane Soap. I sold over $8,000 worth of product in under 7 days, hitting $4,000 in sales in under three days.

I refuse to go on autopilot with this. I am responding to every correspondence personally. Seriously.

If you have any questions about anything, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to email me, tweet me, text or call me. I probably wont get a hold of you right away…

Choose your correspondence wisely…
You can find me on Twitter for a more personal experience if you’d like. Be warned, I post a lot of science fiction, geekery and general coolness. This is my personal twitter account. I should probably make a business one but that would be boring. I haven’t had a lot of time to tweet but when I do, I will totally clog your time line.
Probably the best way to get a hold of me. I use to send emails instantly but I am learning how to divide my day up better for this whole Cool Mom/Hot Wife/Business Lady thing. (Dear friends, THANK YOU for letting me stress out in our emails and not being mad when I never respond. It has helped me keep my cool publicly so that everyone else thinks I am a Cool Kid. Could you even imagine what people would think if they found out I live in my pajamas cause I refuse to wear uncomfortable clothes or that I hate wearing bras and socks.? I have Star Trek AND Star Wars tattoos? Gasp and if they knew I was a teen Mom way back when and that I have liberal tendencies? Whew good thing it is only between us, right?)

Please note that if you call me, I will be the one answering my phone. My personal line just kind of became my business line…so if you hear my children in the backround or I am in the middle of working, do not be alarmed. I am a real person and not a robot. I appreciate your calls and if you need an immediate response you will get one, a real one, unless I am eating candy, watching TNG, playing with my kids or brainstorming with my husband.

Awesome people send me cool stuff. Thank you @GEEKLEETIST for starting this trend with your freaking mind blowing coolness. I also want to thank @lisaluluquinn@katiedoyle @geeksoap @rabbitinski @CapSteveRogers @UberDorkGirlie @geekwithsoul @nerdrage42 for spoiling me with mail.

Want to send me cool stuff too?

Kylee Lane
P.O. Box 593
Primghar, IA 51245

Visit my FAQ for more information!

Thank you @darthmolen for pimping my soap and tricking @jpuent into thinking I was cool. Thank you @GeekGirls for giving me a chance to write to the world about how much I love my Nerdy little family. It was the first time I had ever been aloud to just yell to the world that I freaking rule.

The End.

No, no wait…
(Future) Thank you @PhysicistLisa for hanging out with me at #SDCC.

@jeffisageek for making that one video of my soap. I never properly thanked you for being the very very first person to ever have my soap in a blog video. *blush*

PSS! There are a ZILLION people I want to thank. I have been working on a HUGE thank you blog post for all of my lovies. Coming soooon *wink* Until then, go hit on @geekgirldiva for me. ♥

How to Run a Business 101 & BOOBIES

1. Profits must be your top priority.
2. Conformity! If it works for everyone else, it will work for you!
3. Never admit you are wrong.
4. Be professional at ALL times.

*whew* It is a good thing I am just some girl making mini soap sculptures! Having a business sounds like no fun at all…I have gotten a lot of ‘advice’ this past week about how to be successful, the majority of it being told what not to do. So I have been taking notes this week on what I think is important…

1. Don’t try to be a professional, because you aren’t.
(*Note your pajama pants.)
2. Always have SortKwik on hand. Literally.

3. Color code your notes. You will have one heck of a cluster cuss if you don’t…

And that’s all I can think of right now because @UberDorkGirlie @FyrGurl & @3dg4r are tempting me with a snuggle pile ATM…We will continue this discussion tomorrow morning. *pounce*

What day is it? #BOOBIEWED! Touch yourself, touch a friend and remember to tell cancer to go to hell.

Why do I put my bewbs on Twitter?

So, how is your day going?

While replying to a customer…

Me: (types) “Good gravy! You will not pay extra for priorit….”

You: You did not just say “Good gravy”

Me: pause Of course I did…Why wouldn’t I? Good gravy, that’s how I talk!

You: *stern look* That’s not very professional.

Me: *Looks down at neon green pj pants and up at crazy blue hair* What about me shouts professional right now?

Wanna win $50??

EXTENDED! Due to the huge response I have had this past month, I am going to extend this contest until JUNE 1st! I am totally lame and have a large amount of soaps on back order right now and I think it would only be fair to give everyone a chance. ♥

Not a $50 gift certificate…
Not $50 in free product….

$50.00 CASH! Oooooh yeah. Really.

I will be having a contest for the rest of April (AND MAY) for the best, most creative picture featuring Luxury Lane Soap. Yup, featuring any product from Pretty simple, huh? You can take a picture, draw a picture, paint a picture….You get the idea.

Rules? Not really…just be sure your anatomy is covered, for the most part, as these will be displayed on my website for the world to see and love. Get your 15 minutes of fame as submitted pictures will also be tweeted about. So, you could win $50 AND be famous! How can you even pass that up??

Please email pictures to:

Feel free to email me anytime with questions or you can always reach me on Twitter.
Contest ENDS on June 1st!

Get your camera out, get your soap action on, get a chance to be famous AND win cash! Woo! ♥

All NEW Star Wars Logo Soap

This soap has been made using a custom soap mold you will not find anywhere else…because we made it. Fact. Greatest soap ever.

Each letter on each soap is hand detailed for greater clarity. Please note, there will be tiny slight variations from bar to bar. These are made one at a time, as ordered.

Colors will not bleed into each other! Awesome? Yes. In case you want to save your soap so all of your friends know how cool you are.

The labeling for this soap is in AurekBesh. Don’t know what that means? It means this soap just got even cooler. This is SURE to please any Star Wars fanatic.

You can find this super fantastic soap on Artfire or Etsy

Thank you for checking out my newest creation. ♥