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Weekly Recap – 6/24/12 to 6/30/12

As companies are starting to charge higher shipping costs, we are taking a 5% pay cut and NOT increasing shipping rates. Yeah. I kinda like you. Read: Business Math and Why I am Awesome.

6/25/2012 Luxury Lane Soap Press

Loose Powder: Luxury Lane Soap Shave Soaps Review. (Thank you SO much for the honest review as I have had a lot of customers ask for this!!)

Baby Dropper

Adorable new droppers!

Product Debuts: 

Organic Botanical Perfume now come with the cutest little dropper ever for easier dispensing. 100% Pure, Natural Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Botanicals and Certified Pure Essential Oils.

Clearing Products:

Cherry Blossom • Organic Artisan Soap

Cherry Blossom • Organic Artisan Soap

All Organic Artisan Soap is on clearance as we move our entire stock to make way for new scents, larger sizes and a variety of new formulas.

Clearing stock as we make way for a package redesign. ♥ —> Organic Lip Butter ON SALE

6/30/2012 ENDED: Code ‘DENVER’ gets you 15% off all orders.

6/30/2012 Saturday Night Cinema w/ The Lanes

We had to skip our movie night as we were in Albert Lea to celebrate Rory’s grandparent 60th wedding anniversary. (Congratulations again you two!) However, we have been sneaking in episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series and watched the last episode last night. Boo.

You can watch free, full episodes on! Woo!

I will be starting a customer photo gallery later this month. Please feel free to send any pictures to with the information you would like me to include. ♥ Thank you!



Business Math and Why I am Awesome.


Pretty sure they said shipping costs would only go up ONCE.

If you had not noticed, starting on Jan. 22, 2012, the United States Postal Service had increased it’s rates. “The overall price change for all Shipping Services is 4.6 percent, with Priority Mail prices increasing an average 3.1 percent and Express Mail prices increasing an average 3.4 percent… First-Class Package Service (formerly known as First-Class Mail commercial parcels and now a Shipping Services product) will see an overall price increase of 3.7 percent.” –

Luxury Lane Soap uses the United States Postal Service exclusively for shipping products around the globe. I choose to use this service because, honestly, I really like it. Living in a small town, there are few jobs available and keeping my business local, keeps jobs local and in turn, this community grows. It is as simple as that.

Yes. Free, eco friendly, shipping supplies.

So, about those shipping increases. Luxury Lane Soap has committed itself to NOT raising shipping prices. (I never have, and never will, profit off of shipping.) We have been testing what this costs us over the last few months, while sales are on the slower end, and we have found that there is a $.05 to $2.00 loss per item. To make up this difference we have switched to using free shipping materials supplied via the United States Postal Service plus taking a personal 5% pay cut beginning in July, 2012.

Wait. What?

Yes. Firstly, I don’t feel like manually going through my entire inventory and bumping up product and shipping prices. Secondly, I simply do not agree with the “profit increase” practice. 

See, when it costs me more to ship to you, I increase my sales volume to make up for the loss. Very simple math. Increase in sales = Increase in profit = Steady costs for customers. However, typical business training has us funneling lower quality/cost products into inventory as filling. (A good comparison: Adding pink slime to real meat to bulk it up and increase profit.) I refuse to purchase lower quality supplies for a lower quality version of my product, so I have to sell more to increase profit. Which leads into my supply cost…

While I may be super awesome and see increasing sales as a way to keep business steady, the majority of my supply companies have raised their shipping prices, which means it is costing me more to produce. That is where my 5 percent pay-cut comes in.

It is interesting being your own boss. You want your company to thrive. The more you bring in monetarily, the more you can put back into your company, creating a growing cycle of greatness. However, as an employee, if the boss is bringing in more, should you not receive more? So what do you do? Pay into your growing company or pay yourself?

I have the space to grow, now is the time to use it. When you purchase from Luxury Lane Soap this is where your money goes:


No. I hate it.

%50 stays in the company to cover supply costs, turning back into product growth and travel for conventions. %50 is paid to me, personally, every other week. Of that 50% ‘take home’, 20% goes to paying off my credit cards, 10% goes into my DeLorean Lust Fund (which yes, I am currently asking for your help.) and the remaining %70 pays my bills and buys my groceries.

I do not believe in the “standard” ways of running a business. I do seek growth, but I refuse to allow my company to become a manufacturing plant. When I say, “Every single product is crafted by hand with no industrialized production methods to insure the highest quality possible.” I fucking mean it. I do not seek to become a suit behind a desk, I like getting my hands “dirty” way too much. (and clothes and walls and everything…)

While my methods cause constant debate within my small business circle, it simply comes down to the fact that this feels right. Simplicity at it’s best. I like what I do, so I keep doing it. If it sucks, I don’t do it. And yes, I am fully aware that increasing my sales while keeping my percent high makes more sense mathematically.

With July around the corner and with the need to increase sales that means, while you get steady prices, you have to deal with heavier promotions. Woo! Commercials! Twitter handle @LuxuryLaneSoap AND @KyleeLane will both be churning product tweets and updates everyday, along with Luxury Lane Soap on facebook. While my personal account invites off topic conversation, the business account is used just for keeping you updated with company exclusive information.

I want to thank ALL of you for your orders and for sharing Luxury Lane Soap over the last few years. I haven’t said it in a while, but I am able to do what I love because of YOU. Really. Thank you. If you ever have any question or suggestions on how you would like to see Luxury Lane Soap evolve, I am always happy to hear them.

Stay safe this weekend and behave, mostly.

Weekly Recap – 6/17/12 to 6/23/12

A new feature here on because I want a reason to compose more lists.

The last week was a busy one indeed…

6/14/2012 to 6/18/2012 – The First Annual Denver Comic Convention

Luxury Lane Soap had donated 50 special edition Brain Jars which were distributed to special guests, including Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica Amazing? Yes.

Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica

Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica totally tweeted my soap. *Nerd Squee*

I also happened to record a hilarious video of Mr. Douglas telling us how Robin Williams got George Lucas to watch BSG. (I am so sorry for recording in vertical. >.< I was in the second row and some guys head kept forcing my camera out of focus…)

I was able to spend a sweet amount of time with friends I am only lucky enough to catch once or twice a year during convention season. Sadly, I lack any decent photos. Boo. I am already excited to go back next year. ♥

6/19/2012 Fixed the discount code glitch! Code ‘DENVER’ gets you 15% off all orders, all week. #DenverComicCon -This has actaully been extended until the end of June. WooHoo!

6/20/2012 Product Updates:

All Organic Artisan Soap is on clearance as we move our entire stock to make way for new scents, larger sizes and a variety of new formulas.

Clearing stock as we make way for a package redesign. ♥ —> Organic Lip Butter ON SALE

Vintage Twist Up Shaving Soap is back on the virtual shelves, as we have found a much more reliable and wonderful supplier for our twist up tubes.

6/22/2012 Product Debuts:

Officially the coolest soap to ever exist. Ever. • Honest Abe

Honest Abe

Emancipate your inner clean.

Brand spanking new! —> Beach Daises Organic Hemp Soap

Beach Daises

All New Beach Daises

6/23/2012 Saturday Night Cinema w/ The Lanes

The Witches

That about covers it. This week I will be focusing primarily on production. Crossing my fingers for a little extra time to desgin a few more floral soaps.

What would YOU like to see in the coming weeks ahead?


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Geek Week

Geek LoveCould this be the best Geek Week ever? Possibly. With May the Fourth (aka ‘Star Wars Day’) on..well…May 4th, AND Free Comic Book Day on May 5th, it is pretty safe to call this an official week of epic. So, what is Luxury Lane Soap going to do about it?

While we finish revamping the website,  it is time for some awesome sales! (Seriously, go look at the site and tell me what you think! My sidekick (and husband) took to designing since I officially cussed out CSS and its headache-inducing ways…).

What to look for during Geek Week!


Woo! 50% off!

We have our annual ‘50% Off Sale’ in celebration of May the Fourth! This is our most talked about sale ever and because I love you, we will be running the special ALL DAY Thursday and Friday (May 3rd & 4th)! Quantities are limited and wholesale discounts will not be honored. Limited 10 per order, please and thank you.

Plus, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 5th (after you have picked up all of your free comics of course), you can pick up a Soap of Justice soap set for FREE along with FREE SHIPPING any order over $20! Simply add your choice of awesome to cart and input code ‘BATMAN’ and….magic!


Free Batman AND free shipping? Yup.

*Inserts car sales person voice here.* Additionally, all week long we have your most favorite geeky designs up to 50% off! Being an annual celebration, you won’t see these prices for another year. (Or ever, with our current rate of C&D requests…)

And don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th! Seriously. Just don’t…

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All New Hemp Hearts & Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Cranberry Citrus Organic Hemp Heart

Cranberry Citrus Organic Hemp Heart

My most requested formula, organic hemp, is now in ten new handy, heart shaped soaps in my top requested fragrances.  Made one at a time, fresh when you order, for pure botanical nourishment and dressed up with natural earth pigments and vegetable based dyes.

 Love at first sight? Yes.

#fact: Lather. Rinse. Love your epidermis…

Why Organic Hemp Soap? Fresh, botanical nourishment. Leaving the skin smooth and moisturized, Hemp Oil has been shown to relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and even acne. With regular use, Hemp Oil can help slow down the effects of skin aging, while reducing discomfort by restoring dry and damaged skin.

Mountain Dew Organic Hemp

Mountain Dew Organic Hemp Heart

Absolutely Free of All:
• Parabens or Formaldahydes
• Sodium Sulfates (SLS) or Detergents
• GMO or Triclosan or Alcohol
• Animal bi-products or testing

CLOSED Even better? You have a chance to win a brand spanking new Hemp Heart soap! To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite scent(s) are. Whether it is something I carry or something you would like to see from me in the future, now is your chance to help shape what is carried on my virtual shelves!

Plus, more ways to enter below!

1. Visit the Luxury Lane Soap FB fan page and give Luxury Lane Soap a quick like and/or comment.

2. Follow @LuxuryLaneSoap and/or @KyleeLane and tweet how much you love me.

3.  Pin this post on Pinterest using the simple ‘Pin It’ button below!

5. Blog about this giveaway! Be sure to post a link in the comments below.

That’s it! Every shout out/post/tweet is another entry!

Terms & Conditions: Giveaway open to USA residents only. Be sure to tag Luxury Lane Soap in your posts and tweets so I can verify your entry. Enter as many times as you’d like, winner(s) randomly selected by Prize(s) must be claimed within 10 days. Fun starts today: Tuesday, April 3rd 2012 and ends Monday, April 9th 2012 at 11:59pm Central. Winner randomly selected (as always) by

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All New Building Block Soap and a Giveaway! (CLOSED)

This last weekend, we moved Luxury Lane Soap into our temporary studio while we renovate the permanent work floor. Which means, I finally have unlimited access to all of my tools and supplies…Do you know what that means for a person who has been aching to create new things every single day for over a year?

It means I have all new, bubbly, soapy creations for you every single day for the next week!

Debuting today is our all new Building Block Soap! Who doesn’t love LEGO®? Really? Who?! Simply a must have! Built and cast exclusively by Luxury Lane Soap for a truly unique bath time creation and possibly the most joy inducing soap you will ever use.

Building Block Soap

I sleep all night and I work all day

Absolutely Free of All:
• Parabens or Formaldahydes
• Sodium Sulfates (SLS) or Detergents
• GMO or Triclosan or Alcohol
• Animal bi-products or testing

• Aromatic Recipe: A sweet and delicious blend of fizzy bubbles and ginger ale. Very clean and refreshing. Approximately 4.6 ounces

LEGO® and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

Even better? I am giving away these brand spanking new products to random winners who share a link back to! Yup. It is that easy peasey. Please post in the comments below so that I can verify and count your submissions.

1. Visit the Luxury Lane Soap FB fan page and give Luxury Lane Soap a quick like and/or comment.

2. Follow @LuxuryLaneSoap and/or @KyleeLane and tweet how much you love me.

3. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would like to see from Luxury Lane Soap in the future.

4. Pin this post on Pinterest using the simple ‘Pin It’ button below!

5. Blog about this giveaway! Be sure to post a link in the comments below.

That’s it! Every shout out/post/tweet is another entry! Be sure to tag Luxury Lane Soap in your posts and tweets so I can verify your entry. Enter as many times as you’d like, winner randomly selected by

Terms & Conditions: Giveaway open to USA residents only. Prize(s) must be claimed within 10 days. Fun starts today: Monday March 26th 2012 and ends Friday March 30th 2012 at 11:59pm Central. Winner randomly selected (as always) by

 See you tomorrow with another new bit of awesome!

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Teen Vogue Birchbox! March 2012





– Essie Luxeffects in ‘Set in Stones’ (Full Size!)
I thought I would hate this glitter packed top coat…I was wrong. When painted on, it looks like splattered chrome paint!

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers (10 sheets)
I love blotting papers and these already made it into my purse. I don’t really feel they have anything extra special about them but we will see how they hold up to Iowa’s Intense humidity in a couple of months.

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Amused (Full Size!)
I wanted this SO bad. Primarily for the color. Right now I am really into a minimalist black liner, rosy cheeks and bright pink lips sort of look. However, this product falls short. It is more of a balm and not anywhere near a tint/stain. It is so glossy that it slides all over my mouth, never really soaking in and lasts maybe 20 mins tops. I would love to try this in a matte version.

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Eau de Toilette
Boring. I love complex, deep scents, and this was more of a velvety spring floral. Lasted maybe an hour and left no lingering scent. However, this was a *teen vogue* themed box and I could totally see my daughter using this!! But for a price tag of near $100, that won’t be happening any time soon.

Twist-band Hair Tie
I love these hair ties and I really like the tealish color I got in my birchbox. I have almost bought a pack of these multiple times and always stop myself, because seriously, it would cost about a nickel to make a bunch myself.

Coupon Code to and a discounted subscription to TeenVogue.
Yeah…these little card stock inserts lasted 2 seconds before they were turned into gift tags and embossed with cupcake stamps.

Overall, a decent box. I still have my regular “adult” box coming later this week. I peeked at my profile and I know there will be TEAS! Score. I love me some hot tea.

What did everyone else get in their boxes?? What did you think of this months offerings? I am pretty sure they changed something in regards to their shipping service. Both of my boxes were mega late and that never happens. Boo.

If you are interested in checking out birchbox, they have a pretty sweet referral program and I get points to buy shiny things if you join via my link -> and if you don’t do birchbox, what other sample services do you use, if any? I am way behind the times and just recently discovered this type of subscription even existed earlier this year…