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Field Day

Field Day at Starla’s school was May 28th, 2009…A little late to posting the pictures, but better late than never! Rory got some really great action shoots of her playing the games! Enjoy! ♥ (Just click the images to view them larger ♥)


Monday Mini-Feature: Pretty Hair Clippies

I love hair accessories! About two years ago I got completely obsessed with hair bows and clippies. My daughter then, just beginning kindergarten, began her collection of bows and clips that, to this day, has become insanely large and still increasing in size! There is just something undoubtedly adorable about little girls with cute accessories.

I found Pretty Hair Clippies through Twitter and entered a giveaway Pretty Hair Clippies was sponsoring. I won! Yay! I received a beautiful set of hair clips for my daughter and I to wear together.

While visiting this vibrant shop on Etsy, you will find unique product descriptions, stories and ideas. Party Favors and Mom/Daughter sets (which I completely LOVE!) to name a few.

Save some extra cash skipping your daughter’s next hair cut and why not pull back her bangs with some cute clips? I am trying to grow out Starla’s bangs (and my own!) and we’d probably go crazy if not for these hair clips!

You can also find Pretty Hair Clippies on Twitter! FigMom is wonderful to chat with ♥♥♥

Allergen Specialist

Today we took Trent to an Allergen Specialist. He had to have the dreaded “scratch test’. Pretty much they stuck him with 32 needles in a matter of 10 seconds. He didn’t even cry. I had told him before the appointment what was gonna go down so that he knew. I am not one for painful surprises when it comes to my kids. If something is going to hurt, I tell them. I feel that is one of the first steps to the vital parent/child trust system.

The results were not what we wanted, but in all honesty, what we needed. Trent is severely allergic to dust mites, cats and mold. Here is a enpicture of his test results:

It’s pretty simple, they poke you with needles that have allergens on them, if an area swells, it shows what you are allergic to. A bad allergy swells to the size of about the tip of a Q-tip. So as you can see, we have a pretty serious issue. (A good home has to be found for our cats, as this is stressing my husband out tremendously…) On the plus side, he has no food allergies…

If you know my little boy, you know that he has been covered in horrible itchy, swollen, bloody reds spots the majority of his life, with no doctor being able to tell me what was wrong. Well, Trent starts school this Fall and there is no way I would ever send my child to school covered in open wounds. Do you know the kind of germs they are packing in public schools?! Gross.

In a nut shell, the allergens (dust mites, cats, mold spores) cause a reaction which has been causing the swelling, which causes the itching & breathing problems. Add to all of that, a nasty and life long case of severe eczema and now asthma and it equals one very uncomfortable little boy. As if it couldn’t be any worse, the sores on his legs are infected. Multiply that by no insurance and you have two very concerned parents… All of our savings have now gone into treating our son. Guess that’s what we were saving for, right? I am just happy we had money set aside so we could do something for him. He is going to be on five medications by next week and we are crossing our fingers for improvements within a month or two.

Living in the humid Midwest, in a house over a hundred years old, and you see the giant amount of work ahead of us in regards to making this house livable for Trent. Moving is no longer an option, financially. Knowing that our home is what has caused our son so much pain and suffering his entire life, is a horrible thing to deal with as a parent.

I know this post is somewhat of a downer, but my main point is, I am grateful that there is something I can do to help my child. No matter how bad a situation seems, no matter how stressful or financially draining, I have the power to help my son. I can not even put into words how grateful I am for that. ♥

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Tulip Festival

Last Saturday (May 16th) Rory, the kids and I all went to the Tulip festival in Orange City, IA. We had sooo much fun. I have to admit, as the kids have gotten older, doing things has just become so much more fun…and less stressful…no more strollers, no more diaper bags, no more bottles…etc etc etc… Regretfully, we didn’t go on any of the cool rides (way too expensive…and scary looking!) but we had plenty of funnel cake!! Plus there was an art show and a car show. SCORE! We also had lunch in a plush grassy field and watched this amazing Indian group play some of the most awesome music ever… Trent loooved it. He hates listening music, which all of the rest of us love, however, he could not stop dancing while the band played. Adorable? Yes! Should have taken more pictures, like always, but we still got some really great ones. Enjoy! ♥

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Last week in pictures…

I was laying in bed last night going through the pictures on my phone and completely forgot I could send them to my blog! So, I would like to present: Last Week (and some of this week…) In Pictures!

On Tuesday (May 5Th) my sister and I took Trent shopping and to get hair cuts…He made his first purchase:

The Indiana LEGO game! He was VERY happy and proud!:
And I really needed to get my bangs cut:

I had them thinned out and cut at less of a slant…I do not know that I like them as much:

Trent got his Mohawk done for summer! Yay! :

Sometime last week it was rainy and I took this picture of my sexy car. One day this baby will be pink…:

Saturday (May 9Th)! I love Saturday’s. Starla and I always have a jammie outing to go buy breakfast food. 😀 She thinks it’s pretty cool I let her wear whatever she wants…I never have on makeup and I’m
always in my beloved flannel:
And an awesome breakfast was had indeed! :
After a great weekend and a long Mother’s day nap on Sunday, it was back to work on Monday (May 11Th). I was so busy I asked Rory if he and Trent could please help with some house chores…This was not the kind of help I was hoping for:
And yesterday, Tuesday (May 12th) Trent and I went on our weekly shopping trip and he found this AWESOME Boba Fett shirt. Had to get one for Starla too! (Would have gotten on for me also, but they didn’t have one in my size…):

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Enjoy your children ♥

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The kids made me a bunch of awesome cards (which I will be saving forever!) and my amazing husband got me tickets to go see The Offspring later this month. Woooo! ♥ The best Mother’s Day ever. Plus I got a guilt free four hr nap. *swoon*

I have been thinking all day about this post and now that I am sitting here, I do not know what to type. I feel like I should have some in depth advice or some mountain moving instructions on parenting. I mean, we ALL have advice on parenting and on a day like Mother’s Day it seems fit to spill your guts on how and why being a Mother touched and changed your life forever.

I feel, what it comes down to is enjoying your children. I know all to well that at times, it is indeed very hard to enjoy your children….Don’t get me wrong, I have very well behaved, intelligent kids and I take great pride when other Mothers glare at how “easy” my children look. I love those moments when a nearby mother, fighting with her child, glances over to see mine quiet and content with nothing more than holding my shopping list. This all came from a lot of tough love…and it was not easy. I’ve had to to give up a fair share of “me” time in the process.

I am going to go on a tangent here for a second. It’s Mother’s Day and it my blog so it can be as long and as off center as I’d like… Anyway, I can admit that I have not always been the most patient wife and mother. There have been many times I had just simply left the kids with my husband and did my own thing, traveling to see old friends. There have been times I had looked at my family life as a burden, something holding me back. But, I feel that going through these experiences have only made me stronger. They have given me a point of reference in this whole motherhood thing. I am able to look back and compare what kind of mother I could have been and strive to be something better, something stronger. Everyday we make the choice to be what we want to be. It is honestly that simple. Its not that easy, but it IS that simple.

So anyway…Enjoying your children. Life is hard. Gas prices suck. The economy sucks. Health insurance (or lack there of) sucks. There is so much negative surrounding us everyday that it can be very hard seeing the joy and wealth in something as simple as our children. No, no…children aren’t simple…but the joy that they bring is. I think that is something a lot of us lose in parenting. We become so overwhelmed with everyday life that our children just get lost in the shuffle. Even as a parent, we still have to have our own sense of being. We still have to be our own person. That’s where the enjoyment comes in. My husband and I love Star wars, so rather than put that on the back burner, rather than tuck away that part of ourselves, we embrace it with our kids. We pause on the weekends and watch a Sci Fi movie with them. Now we have a son so obsessed with space, we always have something to talk about. Our daughter loves making things, so she runs around Rory while he works outside and that bonding could never be replaced. We listen to music with our kids and read books that interest us with them. We shop with them in the stores we find interesting. From sharing what we like with them it has opened the flood gates of communication. We enjoy exploring their interests as much as they do ours. We enjoy our children and at the same time we are able to touch base with who WE ARE. I feel that because Starla and Trent know us as individuals they respect our decisions because they know why we make them. Respect is a big thing in this house.

So go enjoy your children. Share something with them about yourself. You may be surprised to find they have the same tiny seed of interest, it just needs guidance in blossoming. ♥

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Bikes ♥

Another great weekend has come and gone…Yesterday Starla got her very first big kid bike. Like a REAL big kid bike. She even paid for half of it! How I ended up with a child who saves every penny she crosses is beyond me. I was excited about her new bike because it is the exact color I want my Trans Am. Rory and I decided Dodge Red and a pearl white would blend nicely to create the pink I want…. I digress!

Anyway! Starla handed down her little bike to Trent, who reluctantly gave it a try. He wasn’t afraid of falling off or anything (He wants to be a Jedi and Jedi fear not the bike riding…) My son was just simply too lazy to pedal…

Sooooo, Sunday was spent bike riding! Trent eventually got the whole pedaling thing down…but I doubt he will be as enthusiastic as his sister is. I even rode my bike! I will say, as far as the whole inconvenience of living in a tiny town, it is amazing being able to just ride around with the kids and not having to worry about traffic and such. Heck, after six at night we passed only two cars even on the road. I will admit, as the kids get older (And as I get older…), I appreciate living in a small town more and more. What’s happening to me?!

Starla is cute and all, but Look at our sweet Bonneville! :
Annnd Rory still hasn’t gotten the bumper back on the Cutlass. Nice Rory…

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