Cussing and coloring.

Slow Cooking


Yeah. I don’t have time for that. Since having moved to Sheldon, IA almost a year ago, I have fallen in love with convenience food. My weight having jumped almost 20 pounds proves it. However, now that we’re in the new house, I can not afford, monetarily or health considering, greasy, fried fast food.

Not so easy. I do not want to diet. I can’t. If I try to restrict myself in anyway I will binge eat to illness. I have extreme addiction patterns and I break easily. Very easily… It is time for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Time to cook my own food.


I thought it was love...

After seeing this awesome post on freezer crockpot meals, I was instantly inspired. I have always wanted to tackle crockpot cooking and this looked like an amazing way to really jump in with a meal time overhaul. There are two things I have in abundance, a lack of patience and a love for home cooked food.

Within hours of my inspiration, Starla and I went out to buy a slow cooker. I had one awhile ago but it gave me a bad feeling so back it went…don’t ask. Found a fancy name brand, 7 qt crockpot, on sale $50 marked down to $30. (It’s red and I HATE red appliances, with a fiery passion from hell, however I totally scratched it big time while opening the box, so I doesn’t matter. I ruin everything and having already made it mine by accidentally beating it up helps me to love it.)

Crockpot acquired and already damaged. Check.

Food shopping. This was the fun part. I actually made a list. I had no idea what my recipes were going to be or what I was going to mix with what. Just a general idea to wash, chop, pack and freeze. This is what I bought:
5 green bell peppers
2 red bell peppers
7 ish small brown potatoes
7 ish small red potatoes
2 bags celery
1 bag baby carrots
Bag of white onions, about 6, I didn’t even count
10 garlic cloves
Bag of green beans
12 chicken breast
5 mild Italian sausages
BBQ sauce
Taco seasoning
Marinara sauce
Freezer bags

I ended up with 6 meals. I was watching the totals at the register and I spent around $50 for all of the food as almost everything I bought was on sale. Score!

Now, I went at this just sort of looking over random recipes. Give ‘freezer crockpot cooking’ a google, there are some really awesome recipes out there…but I don’t follow recipes. If I do, I ALWAYS mess up. It is basic enough, I wash and chop and just pack the bags…Freeze and dump in the pot the next day, right? Wrong.

Baking Pan

You can make cake AND casserole in this bad boy!

Everything I do turns to mush. Everything. Low temp, high temp, low water, high water, and By mid-week I finally gave up. My freezer meals ended up in a 13×9 pan, in the oven. This was perfection. I love baking. Love. It. So, goodbye crock-pot. Helloooooo baking pan!

Now I am on a quest to find the quickest and simplest baked dishes out there. I would love to see your recipes in the comments below! I will be starting a new cooking project very soon as I get back in check with #GeekFit. More on that later…

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Tough Dudes Cry

After yesterdays F%#k Allergies post, I have received MANY emails requesting I keep everyone up to date with Trent’s skin as it seems a lot people are dealing with issues like this and I am not the only one who feels completely lost and helpless. I am tagging these posts Trent’s Skin so they are easily searchable.

Also, from my post being re pinned/tweeted/liked I was able to gather a TON of information and I also discovered I have another family member across the United States who has the same problems with her son. So, really, thank you so much to everyone who helped get the word out and gave me suggestions and encouragement. I chose to live a very isolated lifestyle and sometimes I forget there are people out there who actually do care, even if they have never met us before.

So, on to Trent’s appointment yesterday.  His doctor did decide to do a skin lesion biopsy because something is clearly wrong. I was very adamant about Trent not being put on steroids because now we have a 3 yr medical history of what they don’t do for him. I am refusing being told this will just “go away” because it won’t. Thankfully, my doctor is absolutely ready to give us whatever we need. Trent was prescribed an antibiotic and while we had planned a biopsy, it was decided to send us to a dermatologist for a second opinion. I was irritated at this because I am impatient, but a second opinion is needed to decide what type of biopsy will be most beneficial. They don’t want to put Trent through the pain and not get it right the first time.

As one can imagine, Trent is scared shitless. He tries so hard to be brave but you can just see him melt. The more and more we talked about what a biopsy is and why we need to do it his skin got red and he started scratching and he just shut down.

Trent: “Today, when I am scared I decided to just be quiet and it will go away.”

Me: “You can scream. You can cry. You can do whatever you want.”

Trent: “I just wish this wasn’t me.”

My heart breaks and I start crying. Playing it off that crying is cool and totally not embarrassing. I tell him how once I cried when I got a tattoo. His eyes get all wide. The thing with Trent is that he cries all the time. It is when he doesn’t cry that we have a problem. When he is too afraid to cry because he feels completely out of control and this, his tears, he can control. So I nudge him to just let loose and we watch our faces in the mirror across the room. We both sit there crying and a nurse knocks on the door. She looks in, feels awkward, and just sort of leaves.

Me: “Dude! Did you see that? Our toughness was so tough it scared the nurse away!”

My son just giggled and smooshed me. I promised him Legos after this shitty doctor visit.

The car ride home was quiet, he collected his thoughts and when we got to Walmart to pick up his medicine and new Lego set, he had a breakdown in the toy isle and cried about whether he liked BatMan or Dinosaurs more. THIS was a relief. He needed to get it out and if he felt more comfortable crying about toy loyalties than trying to wrap his head around everything, by all means, go on and cry your face off little boy.

And then he was fine. And he picked Batman.

We have a dermatologist appointment in a couple of weeks. During this time waiting I am going to be experimenting with different skin relief formulas for Trent since nothing topical was prescribed. I need more information on what does and doesn’t help him. One big thing I learned at our visit was that it is immensly beneficial if you can have a conversation and not just answer questions. I knew why the doctor was looking in between Trent’s fingers and why he asked he what he sleeps in. I was even slapped on the knee and told how impressive it was that I had educated myself on so many possibilities, from fleas to copper allergies to shitty luck.

I will keep everyone posted on what we are concocting and trying. Our prime directive is to stop the weeping and oozing of the new skin eruptions while keeping the dried out scabs and eczema from itching. Because such large areas of his body (like the entire thing…) are being inflicted, I am making “natural” a priority. Especially since if and when we do find something that works, it has to be considered there will be long term usage.

Today I am asking, what has and has not worked for suffers of anything from sunburns to extreme dry skin to healing wounds? Our skin system is giant and no amount of googling can answer all of my questions and right now I am looking for ideas.

Much love to everyone and seriously, thank you so much for all of your kind words.
Yours, Kylee Lane

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F%#k Allergies

To say my son has problematic skin is an understatement.

Trent's Skin 3/6/2012

3/6/12 This is what his entire body looks like.

Since he was a bitty baby his skin has always broken out in bleeding sores that itch and burn him. There never was a time he wouldn’t wake up with blood on the bars of his crib or scream in pain because his socks were stuck to his sores on his feet. He always itches, he always hurts. That is just how it has always been.

We started taking him to Doctors when he was around six months old specifically to find out what was wrong with his skin.

Dr: “Eczema. Here. Use this cream.”

Me: “But, um, it has steroids in it? Should I be covering my baby in this?”

Dr: “It will go away and you won’t have to use it again.”

Me: “WHY is this happening? I need to treat the problem, not the side effect of.”

Dr: “There is nothing else you can do.”

Now repeat this conversation for the next seven years of my sons life…steroidal creams, safe to say, they don’t do a damn thing.

Early 2009, we met a very open minded doctor. For the first time ever, it had been suggested that Trent might have severe allergy issues. (You can revisit that here.)

Trent and Ocelot

"Can I please just hug him one last time?"

So. We have a little boy who is allergic to dust mites, cats and mold with allergy induced asthma. We are told to buy a house with no carpet and no forced air heating or cooling systems. Get rid of our cats and buy a HEPA bagged vacuum and clean daily. No vertical blinds and everything in the home has to be able to be removable and washable.

Jump from 2009 to now. We spend all of our savings/money/everything to buy a house, a much older brick building with no carpet and no forced air. This house has a steam heat system. This is perfect for his mite allergy…however, now his skin is multitudes worse. We are told steam heat and no forced-air is perfect for soothing Eczema and not blowing allergens all over the place. However, my guess, not so perfect for mold.

There is no visible mold growth anywhere at all. Most houses in Iowa have mold. It is very humid here in the summer, reaching 90% humidity some days. Buying a cheaper wooden home would have a far higher mold potential verses a brick house built by one of the wealthiest people in our region, though both choices are about 100 years old. Buying a newer home has such a high rate of chemical uses just being built that Trent’s asthma can’t handle it. He has extreme chemical sensitivities (Yes, this is why I make soap and things. So he can breathe and so I am not packing more chemicals onto his open sores.)

Trent Reading

"Mom! Technology! I can read anything, anywhere?!"

Honestly, a new house would have been the best choice, but we couldn’t afford having a brand new home built with a steam heat system. I am, for the first time ever, realizing the amount of guilt this causes me.

Today I sit here with a colossal mortgage, a giant brick house and I should have a healthy son. I don’t and I am doubting every decision I have made in the last three years. I feel massively overwhelmed because my son can’t even go to school today because he is covered in open sores. He has never had a appetite and he is smaller than everyone else. I feel like this is all my fault because I didn’t pick the right house for him. I can’t fix him. His skin, for the first time ever, was perfect while we lived in a roach infested apartment in Las Vegas. We should have just staid there.

Oh the joys of parenthood.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this type of skin condition? Anything. Often my son asks, “When will this not hurt and just go away?” and I have nothing to say to him. We go to another specialist today and I am requesting a skin lesion biopsy. Skin cancer runs in my family and I honestly just don’t know what else to do. What I do know is that if another doctor prescribes Trent steroids and tells us it will just go away, my next post is going to be about how a spent the night in jail for assaulting a physician.

Yours, Kylee Lane


Playing with BlogPress

Look at me exploring blog apps on the iPad!

While looking for a better portable blogging option, and after a lot of cussing at the WordPress app, I found BlogPress. (I just easily coded the link with HTML magic super quickly via the super easy to use BlogPress HTML button in the upper right corner)

And easily took and added this photo using the little camera icon next the HTML button in under 60 seconds.

Basic, I know, but do you have any idea how UNbasic some blog apps are. >_< …yes, they make me squink a grumpy face due to lack of user friendliness.

So anyway, this is just my testing out the simplicity of it all. Now, I am going to test how it posts to facebook and twitter…

Location:10th St,Sheldon,United States

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64 Horror Movies

Before you do anything else, go subscribe to hatinhand’s YouTube channel. Flawless editing.

Seriously. I have watched this about ten times, I love it so much.

I grew up watching horror movies and sadly, a large portion of what I grew up with (primarily creature films) aren’t here. Regardless, this is worthy on the principal that I really like cussing love horror films.


**CHAPTER ONE (Haunted Houses & Ghost Stories)**
The Amityville Horror (2005)
The Awakening
Dawn of the Dead
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
The Eye
The Haunting (1963)
The Haunting in Connecticut
The Orphanage
Paranormal Activity 2
The Shining
Shutter Island
Silent Hill
The Uninvited
The Ward
White Noise
The Woman in Black

**CHAPTER TWO (Angels & Demons)**
Drag Me To Hell
End of Days
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Exorcist
Lost Highway
The Ninth Gate
The Omen
The Prophecy
The Rite
Sleepy Hollow

**CHAPTER THREE (Killers & Slashers)**
30 Days of Night
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
The Crazies
Dead Silence
Don’t Look Now
Friday the 13th (1980)
Friday the 13th (2009)
Halloween (1978)
Halloween (2007)
Hannibal Rising
The Hitcher
Psycho (1960)
Red Dragon
Red Eye
The Reeds
The Ring
Scream 4
Shutter Island
Silence of the Lambs
The Strangers
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
When a Stranger Calls (2006)


Yours, Kylee


Social Media, Not Really.

The power of social media is…

No. Wait.

Genuinely be interested in the people around you.

I have read a multitude of articles on how to use social media and how not to use it. How to market yourself, how to sell your wares…blah blah blah.

A few days ago I was scrolling through twitter and I came across Craig. He used the hashtag #wordmongering and it caught my attention. Gave him a virtual highfive and carried on with my day. Next morning, another minor social interaction and then I decided to be the creeper I am and google stalk. Well, it turns out Craig is an author and he wrote a book of short stories called “Not Before Bed.”

Side note: I cussing love short-story horror. The instant gratification. The fast coming, intense high from the immeditate fear or a twist ending. I really like it. *cough*

So I decide to read Craig’s book, after I finally get the Kindle app on my iPad2. I buy his book off Amazon and I read it in two nights.

Pile of beautiful books.

Remember when we use to hold these?

Pause. I just went out of my way to find his book only to discover I couldn’t read it instantly w/o an app. I did not buy my ipad to read. I install said app, along with the Amazon app, pay money for the digital download and now I have what he wrote in my hands. All in about 3 minutes. Thank you, Future.

Now, really, I just sat down to write what I personally thought of the Craig’s stories — but a long post that would not make. Personally, I am not educated enough to ever write a review. I don’t understand the rules of grammar and make love to spell check hourly. However, some words on my experience…

“Not Before Bed” was written in the same manner I speak in my head. A few moments weren’t very clear to me; some movement was hard for me to visualize. But I feel my life bar went up a few notches for having read these stories. I DID read them before bed — in bed actually — and seriously, the story “Sarah and the Monster” scared the shit out of me. However, I wanted to be scared. I also wanted to be in the story.

What Craig wrote played into exactly what I wanted. Instant gratification. I work 14 hour shifts and as much as I want to read, I can’t right now as I grow my business. Short stories are my only indulgence and this set of stories nailed it.

What should you take away from this? (other than the fact that I cannot stay on topic) It’s this — if you have something, anything to offer — you want to be a writer, a crafter, go into business…do it. Simply put what you love out there and people will find it. Put a link in your profile and carry on with your day. Be genuine and genuine people will seek out what you do and who you are. It really is that simple.

One hashtag in a forever stream of tweets and I now have the writings of another person forever in my head. Technology aiding to the simplicity of just being. So I ask, what have you always wanted to contribute, anything creative your are working on right now? As always, I would love to hear in the comments below.

Yours, Kylee Lane

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Another Year

20120107-233954.jpg Hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday Season full of sweet treats and epic squees of joy.

We stayed very busy with work and very sick kids until a few days before Christmas where we just shut the doors, turned off the phones, hung blankets over the windows and watched movies and snuggled. Kids slept in until almost 10am on Christmas morning…which was the best gift they could have given us…

Next year will be our first Christmas in the new house so we spent a fair amount of time reflecting on our journey to buying said house. As most of you know, right now we are living (and running the business) above a garage in our future backyard. There was no space for a tree or decorations, though the kids did manage to draw and decorate plenty. Rory and I decided not to buy gifts for each other anymore (Holidays, birthdays, our anniversary…) and put all of our money into a savings account. As the gift-less year came to an end, we were (and still are) both pretty happy. Of course we bought the kids their usual assortment of jammies, books and art supplies for Christmas morning, but deciding not to gift each other has actually relieved a bit of stress…so we just make out more.

So another year has come and gone. 2012 looks like it is going to be loaded with a multitude of personal and professional changes, from a new home to a new work studio, new websites to new appilances, this will be the year we finally start living our real lives. …because you know, everything up until this point was just practice and learning, right?

From my family to you and yours, much love and well wishes for a kick-ass 2012. ♥

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