Brussels Sprouts

I am trying very hard to expand our vegetable knowledge. A friend of mine filps her cookies for Brussels sprouts so I thought I would try and make them. I did a very forgiving roasted recipe with bacon. How could the kids not love sprouts and swine?

Brussels Sprout & Bacon

Sprouts & Swine

Amazing, right?!! Trent and Starla did not think so. But, they ate them without audibly complaining although they never once ran out of (adorable) grossed-out faces during the entire meal. While I would typically find this extremely disrespectful, I sort of agreed brussels sprouts weren’t the best thing in the entire world…

Trent's Gross Face

Starla's Gross Face

After they cleared their plates, I thanked them for not being assholes about eating something they didn’t like and we sat outside and watched the birds and ate ice cream. The real reason why we made it through the meal.

How else are you going to wash the sprout taste out of your mouth?

Not Sproutsphoto (40)


Mean Mom Kylee


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