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Another great weekend has come and gone…Yesterday Starla got her very first big kid bike. Like a REAL big kid bike. She even paid for half of it! How I ended up with a child who saves every penny she crosses is beyond me. I was excited about her new bike because it is the exact color I want my Trans Am. Rory and I decided Dodge Red and a pearl white would blend nicely to create the pink I want…. I digress!

Anyway! Starla handed down her little bike to Trent, who reluctantly gave it a try. He wasn’t afraid of falling off or anything (He wants to be a Jedi and Jedi fear not the bike riding…) My son was just simply too lazy to pedal…

Sooooo, Sunday was spent bike riding! Trent eventually got the whole pedaling thing down…but I doubt he will be as enthusiastic as his sister is. I even rode my bike! I will say, as far as the whole inconvenience of living in a tiny town, it is amazing being able to just ride around with the kids and not having to worry about traffic and such. Heck, after six at night we passed only two cars even on the road. I will admit, as the kids get older (And as I get older…), I appreciate living in a small town more and more. What’s happening to me?!

Starla is cute and all, but Look at our sweet Bonneville! :
Annnd Rory still hasn’t gotten the bumper back on the Cutlass. Nice Rory…

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