Best Recycling Ever

How does Luxury Lane Soap store its precious cargo? Only the coolest way possible…

Rescued library card catalogs!

Awesome, right? This weekend I was finally able to get a couple of the units we saved last year (from a local school updating their system) and clean them up. The drawer size accommodation of my small, ten bar batches of Organic Artisan Soap is absolutely perfect!

I need to make some nicer name tags, but I was so excited to finally get this all together that I just printed and cut a plain sheet of paper. How cool would hand calligraphy look?!

Have you ever wondered where the card catalog cards come from that I use for tags and thank you cards? Yup, thousands upon thousands of them came directly from these units.

Recycling is cool. So tell me, what are some of the most clever ways you have reused something?

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