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Monday Mini Feature:

If you visited this weekend, you may have noticed a big change. A new ArtFire online shop!

Why did I make the switch from Etsy to ArtFire?

Firstly, my Etsy Shop is still up and running! I love Etsy and I have met some of the most wonderful people there. Etsy will always have a special place in my heart. ♥ ArtFire respects this and they encourage you link to your Etsy shop if you’d like! (And your website, blog, twitter, flickr, etc…)

I opened an ArtFire shop because I instantly fell in love with the customizations available. You can add your own html coding to your shop, adjust shop colors and banner size! The customizations alone are so worth it, to me, because my ArtFire shop now matches my website so well.

Another great feature is Rapid Cart. Your customers no longer have to register for an account to purchase from you! I have been able to beautifully link my ArtFire shop within my website for seamless transactions. I had my first sale this weekend (yay!) and was actually told the checkout system is ” Wonderfully uncomplicated “.

Could it get any better? Yup! No listing OR selling fee! Yeah, seriously! So you can re list items daily for more exposure without racking up a daily fee. *swoon*

Give a little look. A basic account is totally free with a verified account being only $12.00 a month! Since my Etsy listing/selling fees have been well over $12.00, I thought why not give it a try? That’s how the love affair began…
Give a look

As a way to say “Thanks!” for giving my new ArtFire shop a try, I am offering 15% off ALL items for the entire month. It’s time for a Christmas in July Sale, don’t you think? Combine that with newly reduced shipping rates, and I’d say it’s time to shop!

♥♥ Soapsicle Smoothie Giveaway ♥♥

*Contest has ended. Winners to be announced!*
Now that summer has officially began, its time for a nice, soapy giveaway! Woohoo! Also, I’ve been so busy with the kids out of school and wedding orders, I wanted to have a big ‘ol giveaway to say “Thanks” to all of my awesome readers for your patience, as this blog has been rather lacking lately. With Bible Camp, the Summer Reading Program and revamps to our home coming to an end, I will finally have my coffee and networking mornings back. Yay!

Ok, ok…now back to the giveaway! I will be giving away THREE of my brand new Soapsicle Smoothies! That’s three chances to win! I will randomly choose three winners, who will each win a free Soapsicle Smoothie, of your choice! ♥

These fun soaps are shaped just like delicious popsicles and scented in yummy smoothie scents. Banana Cream, Cherry Cola Cream, Snickerdoodle Buttercream, to name a few! YUM! These Soapsicle Smoothies are ultra rich and creamy. Made with Oatmeal and Shea Butter. A wonderful treat for your skin!

All you have to do is check out my Etsy Shop and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item is. That’s it!
*Please leave your email address so that I can reach you if you win

♥ For extra entries
(Please leave a comment for each entry)

1. Follow me on Twitter (KyleeLane) and tweet this giveaway. Please leave a link to the tweet.
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3. Blog about this giveaway. Please leave link to your post
4. Become a fan of the all new
Luxury Lane Soap & Soy Facebook page!

*Contest has ended. Winners to be announced!*
A huge thanks to those who have entered!

New Sweet Peach & Berries

I really enjoy making detailed soaps. I enjoy planning color schemes and matching fragrances. Thinking it might be nice to make a more “simple” soap, I made a delicious bar in one of my best selling scents, Peach and Sweet Berries. Previously this scent was only offered in my Hello Kitty Soap and my new Pony Soap. Turns out some people liked just keeping their soaps around to sniff them and not use them because “They just look so cuuute!” *wink* So, I wanted to make a pretty bar that was simple, to encourage guilt free use.

Let me officially introduce you to my newest Peach & Sweet Berries Soap!

This is a beautiful peach and shimmery pink soap and it smells AMAZING! Super creamy and bubbly, this soap was blended to have extra lather.

Naturally crushed Shea Butter has been added to produce this creamy soap. Shea butter produces a luxurious lather, which provides moisture as it softens. Approximately 3.5 ounces each

I just might have to do a few more sets of soaps like this…maybe in my yummy Cupcake scent….or seductive Satin Sheets scents… *Eep* I love getting excited about my work. ♥♥♥

Any scents you’d love to see? Let me know and you will be sure to see them soon!

Last Day of School

Tuesday, June 2nd was Starla’s very last day of first grade! Yay! I took this picture of her right before she walked to school. ♥I can not believe this Fall both of the kids will be in school! We are putting Trent in Kindergarten even though he will only be five. I have been *told* that you start boys a year late. Rory and I have talked a lot about it and we decided he is more than ready. I guess I just don’t understand the holding boys back a year…Then again, I don’t understand why people pay for cable when there are plenty of free books out there to read… (And no, we have never once had cable. Ever. However, we have enough books to fill an entire library. So I AM a bit bias on the subject. Reading is FUNdamental! ♥)

Back to the subject…both of my babies will be in school! Just the thought of having an empty house for eight hours just…well…it seems crazy. I have always had a little one (or two) running around. Even when I moved out of my Mom’s house, my little brother was only two years old.

I had looked into going back to school, but I kept putting it off and missed a few cut off dates. I could give a zillion reason why I am not enrolling in College this Fall…money issues, work issues, kid issues…but the truth is, I just wasn’t motivated enough to do it. Now that it’s too late I am angry I didn’t try harder. But it’s easy being angry at something you can’t change…

The more and more I think about it, I am looking forward to both of the kids being in school and having time to be an “old school house wife”. I love cleaning and never have time to do it. I love folding clean laundry! I do! There, I said it! Folding warm, unwrinkled clothing makes me smile. With the kids in the house I never have time to clean as well as I’d like. What’s more, I never have time to ENJOY things being clean before someone is making a mess somewhere in the house. Wow. I am thrilled, come Fall, I will be able to spend hours a day cleaning…What the heck happened to me?!


Field Day

Field Day at Starla’s school was May 28th, 2009…A little late to posting the pictures, but better late than never! Rory got some really great action shoots of her playing the games! Enjoy! ♥ (Just click the images to view them larger ♥)


Monday Mini-Feature: Pretty Hair Clippies

I love hair accessories! About two years ago I got completely obsessed with hair bows and clippies. My daughter then, just beginning kindergarten, began her collection of bows and clips that, to this day, has become insanely large and still increasing in size! There is just something undoubtedly adorable about little girls with cute accessories.

I found Pretty Hair Clippies through Twitter and entered a giveaway Pretty Hair Clippies was sponsoring. I won! Yay! I received a beautiful set of hair clips for my daughter and I to wear together.

While visiting this vibrant shop on Etsy, you will find unique product descriptions, stories and ideas. Party Favors and Mom/Daughter sets (which I completely LOVE!) to name a few.

Save some extra cash skipping your daughter’s next hair cut and why not pull back her bangs with some cute clips? I am trying to grow out Starla’s bangs (and my own!) and we’d probably go crazy if not for these hair clips!

You can also find Pretty Hair Clippies on Twitter! FigMom is wonderful to chat with ♥♥♥

Allergen Specialist

Today we took Trent to an Allergen Specialist. He had to have the dreaded “scratch test’. Pretty much they stuck him with 32 needles in a matter of 10 seconds. He didn’t even cry. I had told him before the appointment what was gonna go down so that he knew. I am not one for painful surprises when it comes to my kids. If something is going to hurt, I tell them. I feel that is one of the first steps to the vital parent/child trust system.

The results were not what we wanted, but in all honesty, what we needed. Trent is severely allergic to dust mites, cats and mold. Here is a enpicture of his test results:

It’s pretty simple, they poke you with needles that have allergens on them, if an area swells, it shows what you are allergic to. A bad allergy swells to the size of about the tip of a Q-tip. So as you can see, we have a pretty serious issue. (A good home has to be found for our cats, as this is stressing my husband out tremendously…) On the plus side, he has no food allergies…

If you know my little boy, you know that he has been covered in horrible itchy, swollen, bloody reds spots the majority of his life, with no doctor being able to tell me what was wrong. Well, Trent starts school this Fall and there is no way I would ever send my child to school covered in open wounds. Do you know the kind of germs they are packing in public schools?! Gross.

In a nut shell, the allergens (dust mites, cats, mold spores) cause a reaction which has been causing the swelling, which causes the itching & breathing problems. Add to all of that, a nasty and life long case of severe eczema and now asthma and it equals one very uncomfortable little boy. As if it couldn’t be any worse, the sores on his legs are infected. Multiply that by no insurance and you have two very concerned parents… All of our savings have now gone into treating our son. Guess that’s what we were saving for, right? I am just happy we had money set aside so we could do something for him. He is going to be on five medications by next week and we are crossing our fingers for improvements within a month or two.

Living in the humid Midwest, in a house over a hundred years old, and you see the giant amount of work ahead of us in regards to making this house livable for Trent. Moving is no longer an option, financially. Knowing that our home is what has caused our son so much pain and suffering his entire life, is a horrible thing to deal with as a parent.

I know this post is somewhat of a downer, but my main point is, I am grateful that there is something I can do to help my child. No matter how bad a situation seems, no matter how stressful or financially draining, I have the power to help my son. I can not even put into words how grateful I am for that. ♥

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