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So, how is your day going?

While replying to a customer…

Me: (types) “Good gravy! You will not pay extra for priorit….”

You: You did not just say “Good gravy”

Me: pause Of course I did…Why wouldn’t I? Good gravy, that’s how I talk!

You: *stern look* That’s not very professional.

Me: *Looks down at neon green pj pants and up at crazy blue hair* What about me shouts professional right now?

Wanna win $50??

EXTENDED! Due to the huge response I have had this past month, I am going to extend this contest until JUNE 1st! I am totally lame and have a large amount of soaps on back order right now and I think it would only be fair to give everyone a chance. ♥

Not a $50 gift certificate…
Not $50 in free product….

$50.00 CASH! Oooooh yeah. Really.

I will be having a contest for the rest of April (AND MAY) for the best, most creative picture featuring Luxury Lane Soap. Yup, featuring any product from Pretty simple, huh? You can take a picture, draw a picture, paint a picture….You get the idea.

Rules? Not really…just be sure your anatomy is covered, for the most part, as these will be displayed on my website for the world to see and love. Get your 15 minutes of fame as submitted pictures will also be tweeted about. So, you could win $50 AND be famous! How can you even pass that up??

Please email pictures to:

Feel free to email me anytime with questions or you can always reach me on Twitter.
Contest ENDS on June 1st!

Get your camera out, get your soap action on, get a chance to be famous AND win cash! Woo! ♥

All NEW Star Wars Logo Soap

This soap has been made using a custom soap mold you will not find anywhere else…because we made it. Fact. Greatest soap ever.

Each letter on each soap is hand detailed for greater clarity. Please note, there will be tiny slight variations from bar to bar. These are made one at a time, as ordered.

Colors will not bleed into each other! Awesome? Yes. In case you want to save your soap so all of your friends know how cool you are.

The labeling for this soap is in AurekBesh. Don’t know what that means? It means this soap just got even cooler. This is SURE to please any Star Wars fanatic.

You can find this super fantastic soap on Artfire or Etsy

Thank you for checking out my newest creation. ♥

Geeky Tattoo

A huuuuge, giant shout out to Geeky Tattoos for featuring more of my ink. If you missed the first feature, my Boba Fett tattoo, you can check it out here. Woo! Thank you again, Geeky Tattoos for letting me hang with the cool kids. ♥ Be sure to follow Geeky Tattoos on Twitter. Everyone’s doing it…


It has been forever since I posted…I am currently working on re vamping my set up and re designing how things are run around here. 2009 was a year of great progress. ♥

Thank you for your patience as I have not been posting new listing on Etsy or ArtFire. I am still filling orders, but the new projects are staying behind to curtain for a little bit longer. Excited? I know you are.

You can find me on Twitter or Facebook for a more personal experience if you’d like. Be warned, I post a lot of science fiction, geekery and general coolness.

Girls Night Out Fundraiser ♥

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Last Saturday was the “Girls Night Out” event to raise money for the South O’ Brien School Playground Fund! The turn out was AMAZING! (200+ !!) I think everyone was completely blown away by how many people attended. I donated a $150 gift basket for the silent auction and I forgot to see how much it went for…Boo. I also donated 3 door prizes but I missed who won them! THAT’S how packed full the event ended up!

I really hope this event becomes annual…As it was really neat catching up with friends I haven’t seen in forever and meeting so many new people who live right here in Primghar! ♥

A huge huge huge thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and said hello!


Twilight Inspired Giveaway ♥

Win It!!
Bella, Jacob and Edward inspired Twilight Soap

♥ Bella- A romantic blend of silken shea butter and cozy rice flower with light touches of musk. Notes of ginger and white tea have been added to give this scent amazing warmth and depth.

♥ Edward- A cool and delicious blend of rich vanilla whipped up with refreshing wintergreen and natural spearmint.

♥ Jacob- A masculine blend of oriander and rosemary accented with amber, oakmoss and sandalwood. A warm and sensual fragrance, but casual enough not to overwhelm the senses.

This naturally Vegan soap was handcrafted in small, cold-process batches (from scratch!) with a skin nourishing blend of all-natural ingredients, including Shea Butter, Avocado and Almond Oils.

How do you win this super awesome soap set you ask? Visit Mammalicious Finds and check out the Twilight Soiree going on now through November 13th. ♥